‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Does the Math – 100% Positive Baby is His

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown sounds like he’s seething over the online claims and disrespect aimed at Raiven Adams. It also appears as if he’s defending the paternity of Raiven’s baby.

Bear Brown’s latest post is more like a plea, begging people to stop sending “disrespectful messages” to Raiven. He also claims she’s going through a lot and the naysayers spreading gossip isn’t helpful.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Opens Can of Timeline Worms

It also sounds as if the paternity of Ravien’s baby is in question by some fans. That’s because of what the Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown said next in his post. He goes into a spiel about Raiven being pregnant with “my child”. Then he offers up another thought that might bring him backlash.

Bear Brown says, “I don’t need some test to know this little miracle is mine.” He claims it’s “100% impossible for it not to be”.  Then the Alaskan Bush People son lays the evidence out for his followers. Apparently, the baby has to be his as they’ve been “living in the same house for a while.” It also appears he’s done the math and says the baby was conceived during that time frame.

Bear Brown has no doubt about it, Raiven is having an Alaskan Bush People little bundle of joy. He is adamant that he’s the baby’s father.  Then in his post, he once again calls her the “love of his life” and begs folks to stop harassing her.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear Brown Offers Up Paternity Equation – Baby is His

Fans of this Alaskan Bush People celeb hopped online to support him. They suggested he ignore those naysayers. His followers also suggested it’s his business and he has no need to explain himself.

Surprisingly the comments were void of people saying Bear Brown needs more than math in his paternity equation. Maybe people didn’t want to add salt to the wound. Or it’s also possible the comments were screened, with only positive messages posted.

Bear Brown and his Alaskan Bush People clan seem to know how to stave off an online bashing session. They usually ignore the nasty comments. They also don’t offer too much information. Especially any information that could be used as fuel for the online world to take aim at them.

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Adams Greenhorn in World of Reality Shows

The Browns seem to follow one rule of thumb to avoid excess negative chatter online. But it doesn’t appear that Raiven has reached that point yet. She seems to enjoy her newfound fame as she recently invited fans to a Q&A online.

She said things that were probably better left unsaid if she wants to avoid negative comments. She’s brand new to the reality show world. So it was probably too soon to tell Alaskan Bush People fans that she’s concerned about her body after having kids. That’s because she offered up how Bear Brown wants a big family of eight offspring. It sounds like she’s not sure she’ll sign on for eight babies.

So it looks like Raiven still has a lot to learn about being a reality star. She boasted how her baby will be part of the Alaskan Bush People show. Again, it’s way too soon for her to highlight the fame for her baby. It gave the impression to some fans that fame is a motivator for Bear’s love interest.

She hasn’t revealed the baby’s gender, due date, or any possible names so far. Yet she offered up the future of reality show stardom for her baby. This gave Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts plenty of fuel for the comments that followed.

The comments included people suggesting she’s more interested in fame than Bear Brown. So maybe Bear needs to school the expectant mom on what and what not to share online.

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