‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Damage Control Surfaces Ahead of New Season

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown appears to spin some damage control as the new season of the Discovery Channel series is almost here. While he posted his reasons for not meeting his infant son River yet, fans speak out.

Alaskan Bush People: Clean-Up Job For Bear Brown?

At the same time that the Alaskan Bush People fans question Bear’s excuses, so does  River’s mother, Raiven Adams.  She claims what fans see coming from Bear Brown today is just publicity for the show. With a new season premiere slated to roll out this month, it looks like Bear is trying to fix his image.

But this time a homemade hammer won’t do the trick for what Bear Brown needs to fix. Alaskan Bush People is a family-oriented show with the patriarch, Billy Brown all about his wife and offspring. Just like Billy, the Brown matriarch Ami Brown wants nothing more than to have her grown kids and grandbabies around her.

It looks as though they got their wish as all the kids seem to be in the preview shots of the show. But one son comes back to the series with some publicity baggage. Recently Bear Brown posted pictures of things seen around the mountain but he also slips in a few other things as well.

Alaskan Bush People: Ruffles Family Tradition

Bear Brown didn’t follow his siblings’ path when creating a family. He didn’t marry and settle down like his brothers who also have babies. He also got into a nasty custody battle that continues today. This seems to go against the grain of his parents’ lifestyle.

Bear Brown hasn’t met his son yet. He says he stayed away from the tot over the last few months due to the pandemic. Many people across the world have not been able to visit loved ones due to the lockdowns.

But, Bear Brown also battled with his ex, who made all kinds of accusations about him which tends to make visitation harder.

One of the many negative things Raiven accused him of – drug use. Bear Brown battled back against that accusation by posting the results of a clean drug test. There has not been any allegations or hint of drug use by Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown until the custody battle started. So, Bear did one of the few things he could to prove his case, he took a drug test.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Drug Test Results

Some followers said that Bear should have probably gotten a drug test sooner, but Bear was probably hoping the scandal would die down. Once he saw it wasn’t, he took a drug test and made it public.

How to Spin Bear Brown for New Season?

With everything going on about Bear Brown, it has to be hard for the Discovery Channel show to pretend nothing ever happened.

Especially since Bear Brown portrayed Raiven as his angel sent down from heaven. Now, during the next Alaskan Bush People season, will she just suddenly disappear? It will be noticed. Noah Brown and Gabe Brown will have their new sons on the show. But, one grandson might be missing, River Brown – Bear’s son.

How will the show handle this when it comes to the obvious? The Alaskan Bush People clan aren’t known for airing even their lightly soiled laundry on the show. Now they need to somehow work around the on-going dilemma of Bear Brown.

Alaskan Bush People return with a new season on Sunday, August 23 at 8 pm EST on the Discovery Channel. The network will run recaps on August 22 along with some unseen footage of this wilderness bunch.

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