‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown In Despair – Breaks Silence Over Horrific Hashtags?

Alaskan Bush People celebrity Bear Brown breaks his silence to defend himself against drug related hashtag accusations. His whirlwind love affair played out on-screen last season. This Alaskan Bush People on-again-off-again relationship with Raiven Adams ended for good. But now things seem to slither out of the shadows aimed at Bear Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: Looks More Like Bear Brown was Dumped

Alaskan Bush People fans surmised the breakup was not Bear’s doing. Bear Brown was so head over heels in love that he couldn’t say Raiven’s name without gushing some romantic words her way.

Then when he learned he would become a father just like his own dad and his two brothers, he gushed with pride. Now it looks as though his Alaskan Bush People followers were correct in their assumption that Bear Brown got dumped.

The Alaskan Bush People celeb reaches out to his fans asking what happens to those with broken hearts. In a modified portrait of himself, Bear Brown makes the sign of a heart with his hands asking what the future might hold for someone whose heart is broken.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Strange Turn of Events

Something happened behind the scenes that Alaskan Bush People viewers weren’t privy to. Despite the breakup, Bear Brown claimed he had every intention to co-parent his son.

Raiven backed her ex up on this. She previously shared that the baby is due in April. She even went as far as to say her baby would be on the Discovery Channel show.

Then suddenly news surfaced that Raiven put a restraining order on her baby’s father. The reason she filed for this domestic violence restraining order is not public knowledge. No one addressed what happened, not Bear Brown or anyone from his family.

A temporary restraining order was granted back on February 11 from the courts in Anchorage. Raiven Adams also filed papers for a long-term restraining order which is due to come before the same court on the 27th.

Raiven didn’t offer so much as a clue to explain why this seemingly desperate move suddenly surfaced. But she did sign a non-discloser agreement with the Discovery Channel when she agreed to appear on the show. So this could hold her back from addressing the issue publicly.

While Raiven didn’t talk, her mother, Kassy Michelle did – a few times. Each time she had nothing redeeming to say about the Alaskan Bush People star, who’s also the father of her unborn grandson.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Baby Bear


Alaskan Bush People: He Doesn’t Do Drugs

Bear Brown’s heartbroken post seems to demonstrate just how he really feels about his breakup with Raiven. The popular sibling from Alaskan Bush People appears devastated. While Raiven hasn’t said an unpleasant thing about Bear since the split for the final time, her mom seemed to make up for it.

While Kassy Michelle never mentions Bear Brown’s name, she did offer up a post of her unborn grandson’s ultrasound image. Her mom told the story of how Raiven’s baby is trying to come into the world 10-weeks early. Now she asks prayers for her daughter who is in preterm labor, according to Kassy. She also seems to blame stress for Raiven’s early contractions.

Kassy then laced this post with some serious sounding hashtags, seen above. “Don’t pick on pregnant ladies” and “domestic violence awareness” are just two of the hashtags she used. She did this on the heels of the Alaskan Bush People expected father being served with a restraining order.

Was Drug Accusation the Breaking Point?

One of the hashtags also said, “Drugs are Bad MKay”. You can spot it above highlighted in a red box among Kassy’s hashtags. Kassy didn’t mention any names in this post but fans assumed she was pointing the finger at the Alaskan Bush People sibling, Bear Brown.

It seems the fans of Alaskan Bush People moved on after the initial shock over the restraining order wore off. Many of Bear’s fans rallied behind him for support. But now Bear comes out with a serious-looking selfie. He tells his fans he has something he’d like to say. Then he simply states that he doesn’t do drugs.

Did Bear Brown break his silence to address the hashtags created by the woman who was almost his mother-in-law? Did he want a rebuttal out there after the grandmother of his unborn baby boy seemingly addressed some issues using hashtags?

For whatever Bear’s reasons, he shows up on social media looking sad and defending himself as a person who doesn’t do drugs. It looks as if this took more of a toll on Bear Brown than the fans first realized.

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