‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Baits Raiven with Carly the Safety Woman?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown ups the ante on risk with some rock climbing but fans focus-in on who’s making that ascent with him today. It seems his climbing isn’t as interesting to some fans as the person he shares this adventure with.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Smitten With Carly the Safety Woman?

Carly the Safety Woman shows up with Bear Brown once again. Instead of just posing with Bear around the set of the show, she’s climbing rocks with him today. She’s apparently part of the Discovery Channel production crew filming the Alaskan Bush People show.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams make their debut as a couple when the latest Alaskan Bush People season rolls out this week. But in real-time they are no longer together despite the two becoming parents in a few months. Raiven is expecting Bear’s baby in April.

Both previously announced their parenting plans. While the two plan to co-parent the child, they will not be together as a couple doing so.

It’s easy for Alaskan Bush People fans to see that Bear was head over heels smitten with Raiven. Fans also suspect that he may have had his heartbroken when they split.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Carley the Safety Woman

Split With Raiven Adams Heartbreaking?

While they both report the split is mutual, Bear seemed to go into a dark place in his online posts when they first separated. Then they got back together for what seemed like just several days before they parted ways again.

Now with the new season rolling out on Wednesday, it appears Bear’s posts suddenly changed. While he might be seen with Raiven on new Alaskan Bush People episodes, in real-time he’s seen with Carly the Safety girl more than once.

Bear Brown first introduced Carly as his favorite safety girl right after the couple first split. Now his recent posts indicate that he’s seen rock climbing with the woman who is all about safety. Is he sending a message to Raiven as the new season nears? Does Bear Brown possibly have the thought of sparking a bit of jealousy in his ex?

Alaskan Bush People: Is Bear Brown Saying Hey, I’m Okay?

For one thing, it looks like Bear found something to take his mind off of Raiven Brown. He went on this rock-climbing trip with Carly and another couple. So was this a double date?

A few months ago, Bear Brown shouted from the treetops how he found his soulmate in Raiven. She did manage to become part of Alaskan Bush People because of their relationship. So this might be hard on the father-to-be. But maybe Bear feels the need to show both Raiven and his followers that he’s moving on.

You have to admit he fell hard for Raiven after his many posts that deemed her an angle. Not to mention how Bear couldn’t believe that someone like Raiven would fall for him. Whatever the reason behind Bear’s sudden infatuation for a safety woman, it looks like he’s busy keeping his mind off Raiven Adams.

Alaskan Bush People rolls out their new season Wednesday, December 4, on the Discovery Channel.

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