ABC ‘Station 19’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Crossover – Someone Dies Tonight

Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy have their big crossover episode tonight and the showrunner promised someone will die. But whom? If they go for a big name, it could be Ben Warren (Jason Winston George) or Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). There’s also a pile of residents boozing in the bar including adorable duo Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi). So, who lives and who dies – and will Station 19 or Grey’s Anatomy lose a beloved character?

Station 19: Ben Warren and Boss at Joe’s Bar – Miscarriage Fallout

It would be ultra-heartbreaking if Grey’s Anatomy ex-doc and now Station 19 firefighter Ben Warren died. Because, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) just found out she miscarried her pre-menopause miracle baby and told her husband. She told Ben Warren to go get a drink and he is – with his cancer-riddled boss. But, then the car crashes into Joe’s.

In some promo shots from the episode, you’ll see Ben Warren making a call while triaging injured patrons at their favorite watering hole. So, initially, Ben survived the first wave of disaster. Meanwhile, Miranda’s outside pacing and panicking in the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy-Station 19 event. But, it would be truly awful for Miranda to lose Ben right after losing their baby.

Miranda screams to first responders “Get my husband out of there”. But, knowing Ben Warren, he won’t leave until everyone else is safe.

Greys Anatomy - Station 19 - Crossover

Someone Dies Tonight  – Will Grey’s Anatomy’s Jackson Avery Lose His Life?

This two-hour spectacular starts on Grey’s Anatomy and carries over onto Station 19. And, there’s no confirmation yet on whether it’ll be a doctor, firefighter, or some random day player that dies. But we also know Jackson Avery’s at the bar. And that puts his life at risk, too. In the promo, we see that Jackson Avery, like Ben Warren, survived the initial car crash.

But, from there, it’s anyone’s game. No doubt, Grey’s Anatomy‘s plastics guru Jackson will try and help everyone get out alive. Plus, Jackson Avery’s mom just left upset thinking her hubby’s cheating (he’s not). So, will Katherine get word that Jackson Avery’s at risk and also come running? She would be stunned to lose her son but Station 19 responders are there working hard.

Recently, Jackson Avery’s had a run of tough luck with the ladies but now he’s with firefighter Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss). Would Grey’s Anatomy kill him off, though? As always, they’ll want to maximize heartache. Remember when George died back in the day? Gutwrenching… And, there’s always the chance it’s a Station 19 cast member, not one from Grey’s Anatomy.

Life Death and Hook-Ups Tonight on Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19

Plus, there’s more than just carnage tonight – there’s some steamy scenes on the two hours of Grey’s Anatomy leading into Station 19. Ben Warren actor Jason George teased there’s a new firefighter-doctor romance coming. And this leads to more crossover episodes promised in 2020 for the two ABC Thursday night dramas. Could it be Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti)?

Because, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) just sent McWidow to get with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). So, if the Grey’s Anatomy surgery chief migrates from an Italian to an Irish love interest, DeLuca’s free to romance a firefighter. Plus, we’ll see what Jo Karev’s (Camilla Luddington) going to try and keep the abandoned baby and other cliffhangers from the mid-season finale. Watch ABC tonight.

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