’90 Day Fiance’: Zied Hakimi Finally Driving – Did He Get His License?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Zied Hakimi (Rebecca Parrott’s fiance) has been in the hot seat all season. Largely due to not getting things together. The sometimes actor got into it with Rebecca recently over his dubious work history. And, she questioned his readiness to build a life in America. Especially if she decided to finally bring him over with her. Is the Tunisian 90 Day Fiance finally getting his act together?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Zied Hakimi Driving

A recent Instagram update from Zied Hakimi shows Rebecca Parrott’s lover on a scooter. He has a helmet on and seems to be on the road. One of Rebecca Parrott’s biggest gripes early on in the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season was Zied Hakimi being unable to drive. Not only did she have to rent the rental car, she also had to drive them around the entire time she was in Tunisia.

At the time, he told her he had a Learner’s permit. But, he still couldn’t drive legally by himself. Meanwhile, in areas like Georgia in the United States, driving is a necessity. Zied Hakimi would definitely need to be able to drive if and when he makes the journey stateside. Meanwhile, it would also take a lot of pressure off of Rebecca Parrott and make the whole transition smoother.

Zied Hakimi regularly updates IG wishing a good morning to his followers. This recent update of him on a moped got many followers talking. Firstly, if he is legally driving on the road, he must have gotten his license between filming with Rebecca Parrott and the present time. In addition, many 90 Day Fiance watchers wanted to know if he was headed to work. He said he was on his way to school. But, he didn’t go into detail in terms of what he’s in school for.


90 Day Fiance: Zied Hakimi Getting Things Together for Rebecca Parrott?

One of the big questions for this couple is how mature Zied Hakimi is. Rebecca Parrott is older and has more life experience than her young lover. In addition, living at home with his family takes a lot of the pressure off of Zied in terms of not having to shoulder the weight of a household. Along with his sketchy work history, this put doubt in Rebecca’s mind. Particularly when it comes to his readiness to be someone she can count on.

But, it certainly seems Zied Hakimi is making progress in terms of personal growth. Along with driving and going to school, he recently posted an update working out in the gym. Perhaps everything he has been through with Rebecca Parrott was enough to kick-start the process. His relatives don’t want him to leave them for America. But, if the couple go through with the process, it’s going to be a lot to prepare for.


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What Happens Now?

With the current 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season about to wrap, many TLC watchers want to know what’s next for this couple. Typically, the next step in the process after appearing on Before the 90 Days is to begin the K-1 visa process. This is a big responsibility for both the sponsor and the immigrant. Sponsors are responsible for the foreign person for up to 10 years.

Perhaps Rebecca Parrott wants to make sure Zied Hakimi is ready and willing to make drastic life changes before she begins the process. Whatever happens next for this couple, it’s clear the Tunisian 90 Day Fiance certainly has the ball rolling on those changes.

Don’t forget to tune in to the season finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Sunday night on TLC.

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