’90 Day Fiance’: Who Was the Most Annoying on the Tell-All? [POLL]

90 Day Fiance cast members came together for a special tell all that aired on TLC, resulting in a ton of drama being rehashed. From Ashley Martson and Jay Smith fighting about Tinder to the huge blow up at the end once Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson show up, a lot happened during the Tell-All. But who was the most annoying cast member on the tell-all this time around?

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90 Day Fiance Tell-All: Ashley Hates Jay

First, we should talk about the two who for some reason are still together: Ashley and Jay. Jay’s a cheating hubby, yet for some reason, Ashley is still with him. After only three days of marriage, Jay supposedly was caught cheating and Ash realized that he had a Tinder account.

The two go back and forth over this for a while, which is entertaining to watch, if a little repetitive. Jay, for his part, consistently says that he wasn’t cheating and that this whole thing is a huge misunderstanding. However, if Jay couldn’t even last three days in marriage, Ashley may want to rethink this whole thing.

I mean, the tension between these two is crazy. Has there been a tenser couple on 90 Day Fiance in recent memory? The best part of Ashley and Jay’s drama is when host Shaun Robinson asks if he could ever be in a monogamous relationship. Jay says no, until Jonathan Rivera informs him of what the word means. Yes, Jay could really not have known what it meant — but it still speaks volumes of his and Ashley’s relationship. And their future.

90 Day Fiance: The Main Tell All Highlights

Ashley and Jay’s fighting wasn’t the only highlight of the 90 Day Fiance tell all. When Larissa and Colt finally arrive, late, to the show, all hell breaks loose. But we’ll talk about that more below.

Through the show, it’s discovered that Jonathan started talking to Fernanda Flores when she was only 16 years old, which is definitely more than a little icky. Meanwhile, Asuelu Pulaa teared up when talking about his parents, who he said he missed very much.

Then, there’s the whole Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook drama. From literally asking him if he had money or not to the whole ordeal with his family, things were a bit tense. When Eric’s daughter Tasha Rosenbrook made an appearance during the show (remotely), she even called Leida a “mail order bride”. Doesn’t look like things will get good between them any time soon, does it?

90 Day Fiance: Larissa and Colt Finally Arrive, Clear the Stage

Of course, the drama didn’t really get out of hand until Larissa and Colt arrived. Would you expect anything less than their very dramatic entrance? With only a few minutes to go in the show, the duo makes their appearance — and it doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose on stage.

About three seconds after Larissa sat down, her and Fernanda Flores get into it. Shaun Robinson attempts to get the truth out of Fernanda about why she and Larissa hate each other so much. From what it looks like, Fernanda didn’t like when Larissa took a selfie when she was in a cop car.

They all begin yelling at each other, which puts Asuelu Pulaa into a rage, telling everyone to stop and shut up. Then, one by one, everyone starts to leave the stage. Ashley is first to head out, though Fernanda and Jonathan soon follow. Only a few minutes after their arrival, Larissa and Colt managed to clear the stage.

So, who do you think the most annoying (or most hated) 90 Day Fiance cast member was during the tell all? Take the poll below and vote!


Who was the most annoying cast member on the Tell-All?


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