’90 Day Fiance: What Now’ Molly Ditches Wedding Dress – Fernanda Runs Away From Home

90 Day Fiance: What Now found Molly Hopkins finally moving on from the disaster that was Luis Mendez. The episode also reveals the beginning of Fernanda Flores’ frustration with small town life in Lumberton, North Carolina.

David Toborowsky is working as a teacher, but still living in a storage facility with wife with wife Annie Suwan. Certainly NOT the American dream on 90 Day Fiance. Let’s break the TLC episode down.

David Gets A Teaching Job on ’90 Day Fiance: What Now?’

It seems David Toborowsky finally found a job. He’s teaching English as a second language at a university. Certainly, Annie Suwan is his star pupil. At home, she is still cooking on a hot plate on the floor. The 90 Day Fiance copule still live in the apartment above his friend Chris’ storage building. More so, Annie feels trapped. She still doesn’t have her green card and is unable to work.

David’s friend Carol graciously invites them to dinner. She made curried chicken from Annie’s recipe. Annie is grateful for how nice Carol is. And that she has working kitchen appliances. Annie wants to come live with Carol. Then, Carol tells David to step it up. Annie feels like a prisoner in the storage unit. David’s feelings are hurt. Carol points out this is not the American dream. Dear Annie is worth more than two water buffalo as a 90 Day Fiance

Fernanda’s Frustrated With Life iin Tiny Lumberton

A weary Jonathan Rivera packs the rest of Fernanda Flores’ things to ship to her. His 90 Day Fiance and soon to be ex-wife took off for the big city to chase her dreams of being a model and actress. Yawn. The producers ask what changed? Jonathan says he met her on vacation and proposed quickly. So he didn’t really know Fernanda. Duh. So in other words everything his friends and family tried to tell him came true… Cut to flashback of the famous scene of “I’m need you here”. Welp – apparently not anymore.

Then, 90 Day Fiance: What Now looks back to when Jon and Fernanda Flores surveyed the damage by Hurricane Florence. Fernanda really could care less that the disaster could hurt Jon’s real estate career. That he spent 10 years building. She didn’t have these issues in Mexico. They don’t have “urine-canes” there. And damn it, she’s got a career to build. Right now there could be an infomercial that needs casting. Certainly Florence wasn’t the only storm to blow through Lumberton and wreck Jonathan.

Molly Hopkins Finally Moved On From Luis on 90 Day Fiance: What Now

Molly Hopkins finally picked up the pieces after her disastrous and short-lived marriage. Her oldest daughter moved out because she couldn’t deal with her mom’s rude husband. In addition to being childish, it seems he may have used Molly’s money to get to the States. Then, he married someone else on the fly. It’s hard to watch flashbacks of Luis saying inappropriate things and threatening to call the cops. Molly girl – you dodged a bullet.

Nevertheless Molly Hopkins cries to her best friend. She embraced what she thought was love. Only to find a disrespectful dude going ham and calling her knick knacks evil. To cleanse things, Molly Hopkins decides gives her wedding dress to charity – the wedding dress she never wore. On the bright side, things are good with daughter Olivia. She accompanies Molly to drop off the dress. May her story be a cautionary tale – think twice before bringing back a live souvenir from your vacation. That was a total 90 Day Fiance fail.

Dean Myers Tells Brother Tarik Myers to Get a Prenup

Last but never least on this 90 Day Fiance: What Now, we check in with Tarik Myers. Yes, Tarik of the beach rap proposal to Hazel Cagalitan. The reality gods even let us revisit the cheesy beats blaring from a pink speaker. Our boy is now back on US soil. Brother Dean Myers, who caused so much commotion last time, is still dishing it out. Of course he wants Tarik to ink a prenup before marrying Hazel. She’s still in the Philippines awaiting approval for the K-1 visa.

To wrap up this episode, Tarik visits his BFF lawyer. After he explains his situation, she gives solid advice. A prenup isn’t something he should think about. It is a MUST. Maybe he can drop some sick prenup rhymes for Hazel. Next Sunday, catch up with Danielle Jbali and her ex Mohammed Jbali on the TLC 90 Day Fiance special.

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