’90 Day Fiance’: Varya Malina’s Creepy Encounter – It’s Not Geoffrey

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast member Varya Malina recently opened up about a creepy encounter with a man while out and about in Russia – and it’s not Geoffrey Paschel. Varya often updates her followers with in-depth posts online. And, she left no detail out of this recent situation. What happened to Geoffrey’s love interest?

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina Details Creepy Scenario at the Lake

According to 90 Day Fiance‘s Varya Malina, she and a friend spent time at a lake. They swam, sunbathed, and seemed to have a good time. Varya said she didn’t go looking for “adventures”. But, “adventures” found her. In this case, an unknown man came out of the bushes as the women got out of the water.

Varya added that she was too busy answering 90 Day Fiance fan questions to notice at first. She even joked that she answered questions about her relationship status with Geoffrey Paschel – something viewers ask her about quite often.

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina

90 Day Fiance: Man Drops His Pants

Things escalated for the 90 Day Fiance celeb as the man quickly dropped his pants and underwear – taking a seat on a nearby log in front of them. Even in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation with no one around, Varya didn’t lose her sharp wit. She said the man showed them what “nature had deprived him of”.

Luckily for Varya Malina, the situation did not turn violent. And, despite the posturing from this unknown person, both women walked away unharmed. Varya from 90 Day Fiance has a sharp tongue. And, she let that loose as they made their exit. She said “there’s nothing to be proud of, bro”, as they left.

The good news for Varya and her friend is that they both came out of the situation safe. With very few people around at the time, the situation could have escalated into something much worse. Meanwhile, even recounting the scenario to her 90 Day Fiance followers, it’s clear Varya Malina has a sense of humor about it all.

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Why Didn’t Varya Call the Police?

A big question 90 Day Fiance fans have about this situation is why Varya Malina didn’t call the cops. And, she offered a few reasons. Varya was far from the city at the time. And, as a result, she said the police would not have made it. And, even if they did, she said the “pervert” would’ve had more than enough time to flee the scene.

Meanwhile, she added that even if the cops picked him up, he would likely be out in a few hours. So, despite the creepy and potentially harmful encounter, she thought better of it in the end. And, luckily, both women made it out of that situation no worse for wear.

In addition, it seems the only regret Varya Malina has is that she didn’t film the encounter. In her eyes, posting it all over social media would have been a bigger kick in the teeth than if she called the police. Moreover, it’s a good thing she can walk away from this with a funny story to tell – and, that nothing more serious happened.

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