’90 Day Fiance’: Varya Malina Introduces Alter Ego in Hilarious Makeup Tutorial Parody

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Varya Malina (Geoffrey Paschel’s partner on the show) introduced another side of her in a makeup tutorial parody video. She channeled her inner beauty guru to help viewers with their makeup talent. Her video had unconventional application methods and funny jokes. It is clear that Varya’s video was not meant to be taken seriously. But, it definitely showed fans that she has a comical side to her.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Varya Malina Joins Latest Trend

Geoffrey Paschel’s girlfriend, Varya Malina, is the latest 90 Day Fiance cast member to share how they apply makeup. She noticed that a lot of her fellow TLC stars have been making makeup videos. So, Varya said that it’s seemingly a rule that if you’re on the show “you should teach people how to put the makeup on.” 90 Day Fiance‘s Tiffany Franco and Avery Warner have all shared beauty videos online.

However, the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days reality star took a more comedic approach to the trend. Varya Malina did it by introducing her alter ego, Varya Butterface. Who she said is “the master” when it comes to doing “proper makeup tutorials” online. She made a joke about being “your go-to in the world of beauty.”

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina - Before the 90 Days

Varya Shows of Humor and Makeup Skills in Parody Clip

Varya Malina started her video off by greeting all the viewers who have “slightly ugly faces.” The 90 Day Fiance Russia resident added, “like myself.” Most people will start with moisturizing their faces. For Varya she moisturizes her face by taking a shot of alcohol. She then said, “to be honest the only option for us with this face type is plastic surgery.”

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days TLC star then picked one of the hardest makeup trends to do. Geoffrey Paschel’s fiance, Varya Malina, said she will be doing a smokey eye. In which she said can be translated to “only God can judge you” in Russian.  Varya then darkened her eyes, overdrew her lips and used a ruler to draw her eyebrows a little too high. She said that the final look “is nothing short of the Mona Lisa.”

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance Celeb Shares Funny Side with Fans

Varya Malina is no stranger when it comes to making an audience laugh. 90 Day Fiance fans already know that she is a radio host. As a host, Varya has to be able to keep her audience entertained. Surely, she does that by using her humor. But, she is not only a host for a radio show.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmate is also a wedding MC. Even when talking about her job, Varya Malina uses humor. She recently shared a picture online of herself with one of the couple’s wedding she worked at. Vary made a joke about not liking people who “are more beautiful” than she is. So, she said to the photographer “to have the focus” on her. All jokes aside, Varya said she misses her work and she’s “praying for this virus to move on.”

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