’90 Day Fiance’: Vanessa Guerra Opens up about Relationship with Colt Johnson – Are They Dating?

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson’s alleged girlfriend Vanessa Guerra opened up about their relationship. Vanessa recently made her debut on the new season of Happily Ever After. Many fans have been questioning her relationship with Colt. So, she recently spoke about where she stands with him. Are the two currently dating?

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Guerra Met Colt Johnson before Jess Caroline

In the latest episode of Happily Ever After, TLC fans got to meet Colt Johnson’s lady friend Vanessa Guerra. Colt and his mom Debbie Johnson invited her over for a meal. Since she would be taking care of their cats while the 90 Day Fiance reality star and Debbie are on their trip to Brazil. Colt didn’t talk about his relationship with Vanessa much. But, he did mention that he has slept with her in the past.

90 Day Fiance’s cast member Colt Johnson seemingly didn’t hide Jess Caroline from Vanessa Guerra. According to a source, Vanessa said that she was in Colt’s life before Jess. And she supposedly used to live with him “before Jess was in the picture.” She told a fan that she was even the one who drove him to the airport when he went to Chicago. And she even picked him up after his trip.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson - Vanessa Guerra - Happily Ever After

Are the Two Dating?

Many fans have been speculating that Vanessa Guerra and Colt Johnson are dating. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to Vanessa, she was never his girlfriend. She said that she wasn’t able to take him seriously. She also said that she believes Colt “is not happy with himself.” And that it “breaks” her heart. But, she said that he is “always going to be family” to her.

90 Day Fiance’s Colt Johnson is seemingly not Vanessa Guerra’s type. Vanessa supposedly said that her type “will always be the bearded tattooed men.” And that doesn’t resemble Colt’s appearance. Although, she did say that she tried to force herself to look past that when it came to him. But, she said she “couldn’t.”

90 Day Fiance: Vanessa Guerra - Happily Ever After

Is Colt Jealous of Vanessa?

Vanessa Guerra doesn’t appear to be single. She said that she is in a relationship with someone. But, it doesn’t seem to be with Colt Johnson. Vanessa said that he is the jealous type. She said that the reason why he follows and unfollows her on social media is due to him being jealous. Could he be jealous knowing that Vanessa is happy with another man? It should be pointed out that it’s Vanessa saying heis a jealous person, so it’s kinda one sided.

90 Day Fiance fans know that Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline are no longer together. The two broke up after having a brief relationship. Now he might be the only single one out of his past lovers. Since Larissa Dos Santos Lima allegedly went back to Eric Nichols. Jess is in a new relationship. And Vanessa Guerra is seemingly also in a relationship. Colt juggling different women at once might have just backfired.

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