’90 Day Fiance’: Tyler Nafziger’s Twisted Corona Arrest – Does Nicole Know Her Dad’s in Cuffs Again?

90 Day Fiance occasional cast member Tyler Nafziger, Nicole Nafziger’s dad, had another run-in with the law. The 52-year-old faced arrest once again, this time, for shoplifting charges. And while Tyler deals with his legal issues, Nicole remains nowhere to be seen. Here’s the latest on the father and daughter duo – and the strange details of his corona-related arrest.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Dad Arrested Again – Fourth Time This Year

Tyler Nafziger, the father of 90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger, was back behind bars last week. The Sarasota police arrested the father of four on Tuesday, May 12. Jail records revealed Tyler was charged with petty theft, a second-degree misdemeanor offense with a bond of $120. He was out of jail the next day, on May 13.

Allegedly, Tyler Nafziger stole two 24 packs of Corona beer from a local store, valued at less than $52. Officers spotted the 90 Day Fiance star’s father near the store but, he didn’t have the beer on him. And he’d changed his clothes from the outfit identified in the store video. But, authorities found his discarded clothes in a garbage bag not far from the scene.

Tyler then confessed but told officers that he “traded the Corona beers for hygiene products”. 90 Day Fiance Nicole’s dad pleaded not guilty and is scheduled for trial on June 29. So, it sounds like Tyler Nafziger needed some clean-up products during the coronavirus crisis – and ironically, stole Corona beer to trade for what he needed.

With Nicole Nafziger allegedly stuck in Morocco on a travel ban, does she know about her dad’s latest brush with the law?

90 Day Fiance: Tyler Nafziger

Tyler Has No Work and Also Homeless?

Tyler Nafziger’s latest arrest marks the fifth time he’s been in jail over the last seven months and the fourth in 2020 alone. The pop of 90 Day Fiance celebrity Nicole Nafziger faced battery and drug charges in October 2019. He was detained again in January 2020 for drug-related charges.

Police also booked Tyler in March and April for allegedly stealing items from a Goodwill donation bin. Tyler Nafziger’s police records list him as “unemployed” and “homeless” in his 2020 rap sheet. His latest mugshot has him looking rough, but with a slightly smaller quarantine beard than in past mugshots (see below). Nicole’s father looks thin and unwell.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - Tyler Nafziger - Before the 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Where is Nicole and Does She Know About Her Father?

Meanwhile, very quiet amid Tyler Nafziger’s legal problems is his daughter Nicole Nafziger. The 90 Day Fiance alum has yet to make any comment about her father’s many arrests. In fact, she doesn’t even give updates about herself on social media, something deemed unusual by her fans.

As of now, Nicole Nafziger reportedly remains in Morocco with Azan Tefou. This is after the country prolonged its lockdown until May 20. With no means of traveling back to the US, it’s likely that Nicole is still there. But, she zipped her lips despite saying she’d vlog her journey. We’ll keep you up to date on Tyler Nafziger’s latest legal issue.

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