’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Caught Plagiarizing Again

90 Day Fiance star Tom Brooks (Darcey Silva’s ex) seems to be digging himself into a deeper hole. Darcey Silva’s former boyfriend made headlines once more for the same reason. Fans pointed out that Tom copied someone else’s work again and passed it off as his own.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks Busted Copying Post Again

Looks like Tom Brooks just can’t catch a break from controversies. The 90 Day Fiance celeb repeated the same blunder he did a few months back. Allegedly,  Darcey Silva’s ex-boyfriend copied and re-posted another person’s work on Instagram and passed it off as his own again.

But instead of copying luxurious photos from other accounts, Tom Brooks allegedly plagiarized a blogger’s work. Frauded By TLC, says that he used Israelmore Ayivor’s inspirational message and made it look like it’s his own.

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Tom Brooks Learns His Lesson? Gives Credit To Original Writer

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tom Brooks talked about being positive despite all the hate and negativity. The 90 Day Fiance cast member literally copied an entire paragraph of Israelmore Ayivor’s work and added a few more lines.

Initially, Tom did not mention the author’s name in his post. But shortly after being called out, he edited his post and tagged the writer’s name. However, many said that Tom could’ve done a better job of giving proper acknowledgment to the author.

But, there’s no pleasing everyone. Some 90 Day Fiance fans did not like the way Tom Brooks placed Israelmore Ayivor’s name in the post. They think that adding the credit way down instead of under the quote itself doesn’t make his actions right. If anything, it only made him look guilty. So far, he has yet to speak out about the issue.


TLC Star’s Frauding History Online

This is not the first time that Tom Brooks faced accusations of copying from things he finds onlie. Previously, the 90 Day Fiance alum was roasted after posting other people’s fancy photos and passed it off as his own.

The images of fancy vacations and luxury items were taken from other accounts and re-posted on Tom’s page as if they were his own. Eventually, he deleted the photos. Still, said they were merely “paid promotions”. He has never talked about the issue since then.


Tom Cropped Mystery Blonde In Latest Picture

Meanwhile, Tom Brooks shared an intriguing photo earlier this week, which got fans speculating. The 90 Day Fiance personality posted a close-up picture of himself while in Las Vegas.

In Tom’s photo, there is obviously a blonde lay that has been cropped out. Some fans think he intentionally posed next to a blonde and cropped her out to cause talk of a mystery girl. Some fans go so far as to write that Tom probably just posed beside a wig. So far, he has yet to confirm who or what it is.

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