90 Day Fiance: Tom Brooks ‘Clean as the Board of Health’ – Probably Not What He Was Going For?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Tom Brooks probably wasn’t going for the look of squeaky clean but that’s a comment tossed his way. He recently shared photos online of the new and improved Tom Brooks. So fans offered their comments in return. But surprisingly it really wasn’t his looks that gathered the most praise.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Tom Brooks in Scope of Darcey Silva

The breakout star of this season’s 90 Day Fiance showed up on Darcey Silva’s radar a few years back. While she battled with Jesse Meester to find love, she claims Tom Brooks was there for her. Of course, that was via the Internet and phone as he lives far away across the pond. So when the Darcey-Jesse saga imploded for good, she looked him up.

Instead of a shoulder to cry on, Darcey put her feelers out for the possibility of love with the distinguished Brit. So when the mom of two from Connecticut decided to give 90 Day Fiance a second try, it looks like she zeroed in on Tom Brooks.

Both Darcey and the 90 Day Fiance followers found it surprising at how Tom looked in person. He didn’t appear the way he presented in the photos he sent Darcey. The same ones she flashed around online.

But now that Tom has undergone a makeover he’s looking more like his original pictures. 90 Day Fiance fans offered up kudos for his transformation but when he was described as looking as “clean as the board of health” that probably wasn’t what he had in mind.


90 Day Fiance: Tom Brook
90 Day Fiance: Tom Brook

Distinguished, Handsome, Dashing – Anything But Clean?

Maybe Tom doesn’t realize it wasn’t his looks that fans fell head over heels for. His dashing gentleman-like personality caught their interest. That, along with his seemingly genuine honesty toward Darcey Silva with her shortcomings did it for many 90 Day Fiance enthusiasts.

Fans found entertainment by just watching his facial expressions. When Tom Brooks experienced Darcey’s antics his verbal response to her was spot on. But he was quick to call Darcey out for the behavior he found unbecoming. Considering he experienced her desperation frequently he surprised many fans. That’s because he didn’t take flight and leave her behind.

Letting Darcey know that he’s not finding her antics appealing left fans across the nation applauding him. But again the mystery behind why he sticks around has viewers baffled. Now next week’s previews from this TLC reality show have Tom Brooks finally admitting that he loves her. It also appears that Darcey Silva gets that ring in the next episode as well.

90 Day Fiance: Bang Him Over the Head?

She’s done everything but bang him over the head when it comes to hints for an engagement ring. This started almost immediately when her feet stepped off the plane and onto British soil. In next week’s 90 Day Fiance promo, Tom gives her a box, about the size you’d expect to hold an engagement ring.

Some fans find it too soon to think he’s about to pop the question. The suggestions online vary from a ring to a promise ring and onto a just a trinket. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers think it’s just a little momentum like a piece of jewelry in that box.

Another 90 Day Fiance camp online thinks it would be more like Tom to give her something to remember their time together in England. Some fans don’t believe Tom will tie himself down to Darcey after knowing what he knows about her now.

From the jealousy that flares when she’s around her sister to her emotional outbreaks, he’s experienced a lot. Not to mention her needy acting moments. Many fans can’t fathom he’d sign up for this in the form of marriage after what he’s witnessed so far.

The filming of the show is long over. So what the viewers watch today what went on months ago. Today most want to know if this couple actually made it after the cameras shut down.

Tom and His Mysterious Infatuation With Darcey?

In a previous 90 Day Fiance episode, Tom told Darcey things didn’t change. He also stressed that he’s still there for her despite all they went through in Albania. Then when Tom introduced Darcey to his sister Emma, she pegged Darcey for his “type”. She suggested to the 90 Day Fiance cameras how the false eyelashes and large breasts coincide with Tom Brook’s taste in women.

Emma is brutally honest and paints a rather negative scene for Darcey Silva about her “free spirit” of a brother. But his attraction to Darcey and the way he is hanging on to her suggests he thinks she’s a catch.

Is it possible Tom feels like Darcey is above his usual prospects so he’ll take all that she dishes out just to keep her? Maybe he thinks that he landed someone out of his league.

But now with his new makeover, which probably stems from his relationship with Darcey, he’s getting a rude awakening online. It seems that even though fans online think he looks great, they’re still more dazzled by his actions rather than his looks.

That’s evident by the comment suggesting that he’s looking as “clean as the board of health” these days. It looks like the fans of the 90 Day Fiance distinguished British gentleman don’t care how he looks. Instead, it looks like what’s coming from inside Tom Brooks wins out over his new dashing appearance.

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