’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Ariela’s Ethiopian Bathroom Horror Story

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Ariela Danielle finally gets to Ethiopia but isn’t happy with the pad Biniyam Shibre got for her and the baby. Deavan has a similar problem in South Korea when the place she lined up isn’t what she expected. Jenny survived the night in her new digs but still hasn’t seen proof of Sumit’s pending divorce. Kenneth road trips South to reach Armando. And cheater Tim prepares for his move to Colombia. Let’s dish on season 2 episode 6 Don’t Grumpy Stop. You can watch TOW Monday nights on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Danielle Blames It On The Bathroom

A very pregnant Ariela Danielle and her mom touch down in Ethiopia. Biniyam “Baby” Shibre is excited and stops for flowers on the way to greet them at the airport. Ariela is thrilled to see Biniyam. In a rare The Other Way moment, her mom is truly gracious and polite when meeting Baby in his home country. She says he’s endearing, and her first impression is one of love. Ariela notes that he cut off his dreadlocks and is thinner. So this causes a small bout of anxiety for Ariele Danielle that she blames on being tired.

After dropping Ariela’s mom off at her hotel, the couple heads to the apartment Biniyam scored for them in Ethiopia. Ariela Danielle is already worried that she will hate it and hopes it at least has walls. He confirms it’s indoors but tells Ariela it is Ethiopia, after all. Ariela immediately hates it and calls it terrible, dark, and depressing. The last straw is the bathroom,, which she compares to the horror movie Saw. Ariel Danielle’s having big second thoughts about staying now — especially since he cut off the dreads.

Jihoon Feels Like a Failure

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Deavan Clegg isn’t happy about anything right now. The apartment she rented in SK is nothing like the pictures. And hubby Jihoon Lee never did even so much as a drive-by to check the place out. Deavan calls the neighborhood the “ghetto” of Korea. And even mother and father Jihoon agree that it just sucks. Jihoon takes a quick jab at Deavan by saying she’s the one that rented it.

Deavan claps back that she expected him to be a man, husband, and father. Surely that’s realistic for an adult male who was living with his parents, selling black market phones and toting around a toy poodle. Deavan’s mom thrashes about hysterically and curls up on a bed to cry after getting in Jihoon’s face about what a loser he is. The only person with a good attitude in this whole mess is Drascilla. While baby Taeyang glares at the crew with a look that screams “help.”

Later Jihoon disappears for two hours, and Deavan, and her mom discuss what a hot mess this is. He finally returns and wants to talk outside. Ji admits he’s been lying the whole time, has no money and is in debt. And he lied because he wanted her to come. This conversation takes place with the help of a translator device that looks like a Tamagotchi. In the end, Deavan says she’ll go home with her mom, and Jihoon lights up a smoke and cries that his life is a mess on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Armando, Hannah & Kenneth Bring All The Feels On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Armando Rubio takes his beyond-adorable daughter to the park. He wants to tell her they will be moving to live with Kenneth. Armando is a little nervous to see how she will react. But Hannah is thrilled to find out they will be living with Kenny. She tells the crew she loves him, and he gets her toys. Later, she helps her dad pack, and he explains he will come for her in a week. She shows more maturity than Deavan’s mother probably has in her whole life.

Meanwhile, Kenneth treks to Mexico with the cutest pet in 90 Day Fiance history, 15-year-old long-haired chihuahua Truffles. They stop and enjoy sights along the way. And viewers’ hearts melt like Hershey Kisses in the sun. Kenneth marvels over the size of the state of Texas. And he hopes Truffles can hang around a while longer so that Armando can get to know him.

Back in Mexico, Armando says goodbye to his family on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Well, at least his mom and sister. His dad doesn’t show, and this leads him to worry that he won’t be accepting of him and Kenneth. Hannah says she can’t wait to have two dads. And his mom sobs hard as she hugs her son goodbye. TLC, what are you doing to us? A senior chihuahua, a sobbing mom and an adorable kid. There’s not enough Kleenex in the world right now.

Cheese Stick Goes To Therapy One Last Time

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tim’s mom rolls into town to help him pack for his move to Colombia. Melyza was going to move here, but because he couldn’t keep his cheesey goodness in the wrapper that plan went to s*it. Melyza did come to the states but followed her gut and social media to find out Tim was cheating. His mom is supportive but wonders whether Melyza can put it behind her.

It seems his mom and her friend are planning a visit to Colombia. Mom throws in a passive-aggressive dig about Melyza being “feisty” and wanting her way all the time. Like not wanting her boyfriend to cheat with a coworker in her absence. The nerve. Tim says that he loves Melyza and wants to prove to her that he can be what she deserves. So time will tell if his mom can get behind his plan to move.

Cheesey Tim dons the world’s ugliest argyle pullover and heads to his therapist one last time. It is baffling that this stick of cheddar in a bad sweater had two women interested in him. And at the same time nonetheless. The therapist encourages him to be honest with Melyza when she questions him about the affair. Tim just kind of shrugs and says if he doesn’t find a job, he may bail. She suggests he “go all in.” Yep. That’s what she said. Right, Tim?

Is Sumit Still Lying on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way?

Jenny Slatten survived her first night in India. She braved a bovine blessing, a flower pot placed on her head, and a small fire in her new house. She apologizes to Sumit that “no magic happened last night.” It’s tough on a senior citizen to hang after all that merriment. They decide to go for chai. The crew films the new neighborhood where people get killed for 10 dollars. There are cows, street markets, and a fight going on.

After getting their tiny cups of chai, Sumit suggests they sit on a nearby bench. Jenny sees blood that was most likely spilled by someone who once had a tenner. But Sumit assures her it’s only tobacco spit. Jenny wants to know about the divorce papers and Sumit squirms. He says things take time but promises she can come to the courthouse with him to see the progress. Jenny says if he’s lying again, she’ll leave. Be sure to watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Sundays on TLC.

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