’90 Day Fiance’: Tarik Myers and Hazel’s Bizarre Bedroom Antics Revealed

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan had their private lives exposed on Sunday night’s after-the-show segment. Tarik’s brother Dean Hashim dropped several bombshells in his TLC studio interview. Dean spoke about his time in the Philippines with his brother and Hazel. The result of which has fans looking at real estate agent Tarik Myers and Hazel a bit differently today.

Fans weren’t very receptive of Dean when he interrogated Hazel about bedroom matters on a past episode of the TLC show. There’s one question in particular that he asked of his prospective sister-in-law that caused outrage among the fans on social media. He asked Hazel if she thought she’d be enough woman for Tarik in the bedroom. As soon as he did, jaws dropped in living rooms around the nation.

Turns out, there was a reason he was asking Hazel this outrageous question. It’s because he knows his brother’s sexual habits.

Tarik Myers & Hazel Cagalitan – 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

Dean revealed shocking information about Tarik Myers and the show’s Hazel Cagalitan. Tarik’s brother caught the attention of the audience for sure. As a result of this interview, fans learned why he asked that awful question to Hazel when first meeting her. It was a question that earned him a crude reputation.

On Sunday night’s TLC live after-show, Dean claimed Tarik likes to have multiple partners in bed at the same time. Dean explained he wanted to know if Hazel was up for joining Tarik in his kinky endeavors. It seems he’s concerned that Hazel might not like his brother’s tendencies to have a crowded bed.

90 Day Fiance – Brother Dean Claims Hazel Cagalitan is Bisexual

Much to his surprise, Dean says he learned Hazel was fine with Tarik’s bedroom antics. Furthermore, he claims she revealed that she is bisexual. Dean also shared how he and Tarik Myers are both well acquainted with online women from foreign countries.

This is nothing new for either one of the brothers. But it sounds as if this was the first time Tarik or Dean Hashim traveled across the world to meet a girl from an online relationship.

90 Day Fiance – Dean Joins His Brother in Bedroom Antics?

In case you are wondering if this is another one of Dean’s ploys to upset his brother’s relationship… think again. A woman who claims she’s Tarik’s ex-girlfriend recently revealed Tarik’s alleged bedroom habits. She claims that Tarik wanted her to hook up with him and another woman at the same time. That reiterates Dean’s claims on the TLC live show.

What’s more intriguing is that it could be that Dean and Tarik have shared a crowded bed (and women). After-show host Michelle Collins asked Dean if he had ever been a part of his brother Tarik’s multiple partner antics. The question caught him off guard. Dean looked up in the air and grinned.

All he would say is that he could neither confirm nor deny joining in. This gave fans the impression he was one of the participants at one time or another. If not, wouldn’t Dean have just denied it?

Dean says Hazel knows about his brother’s antics. But this revelation may come as a surprise.

90 Day Fiance Tarik Meyers ex girlfriend screen shot After the 90 Days

Before the 90 Days – Tarik Myer’s Ex Shares Stunning Texts

90 Day Fiance Tarik’s ex-girlfriend, who posts as “Yada’s Sewphisticated Dress” is shown with Tarik in a few photos posted below. She said she dated Tarik Myers for several years and broke it off because he wanted multiple women in their bed. According to 90 Day Fiance vlogger Auntie’s Advice, Tarik’s ex-girlfriend shared Tarik’s proclivities in a recent text chat. The image above is from a text chat between Auntie and Yada.

She tells Auntie in the text message above just what Tarik expected of her. When Auntie asked the question, “So let me understand. He wanted another woman to stay in the same home with you? Yada replies “yes.” She also conveys that he wanted her to sleep with that other woman. She claims she’s a real woman who only likes men, so she apparently denied his request.

90 Day Fiance: Tarik Meyers - Before the 90 Days

Her online message chat with Auntie (plus other evidence shown on the video below) reveals that Yada wants a man who only wants one woman. She alleges that Tarik goes in for bedroom escapades that she wouldn’t engage in. This resulted in the demise of her relationship with the 90 Days Fiance star. She claims she was with Tarik Myers for several years before he became a cast member of 90 Days.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days - Tarik Meyers

The video below discusses Auntie’s message chat with Yada. This plus Dean’s statements on the 90 Day Fiance star seems to lend credence to Tarik being a lot feistier than fans first thought.

90 Day Fiance after-the-show segment aired for an hour and it revealed shocker after shocker. It looks like Tarik Myers, who comes off as someone rather sincere, has been keeping secrets (until now). Is he looking for the love of his life when it comes to Hazel or is he just looking to add to his harem?

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