’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit-Jenny House Scene Faked? 5 Red Flags It Was Staged

90 Day Fiance‘s Sumit brought Jenny Slatten home to a strange ritual, and now, we dug up info from locals in India listing five signs of TLC fakery. Here’s a look at a list of red flags pointing to this being a scripted scene that doesn’t reflect local customs.

#1 90 Day Fiance Fakery – Nighttime Ritual Faked for Sumit & Jenny Slatten?

On The Other Way last week, we saw Jenny Slatten fresh off her international flight, late in the night with Sumit. In the dark, waiting at their house, were a handful of men to conduct the house blessing. Right away, that’s a problem. One source said the blessing is never at night.

Instead, we’d expect them there at dawn. 90 Day Fiance should have filmed Jenny, Sumit, and their house event in the early morning. Usually, the priest comes before sunrise and brings the cow that, hopefully, blesses the house with some urine or poo. That part was right.

For the record, we consulted with a few Indians from different locations, as well as extensive research online, curating images, etc. Some regions skip the cow blessing. See more on that below.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way - Jenny Slatten - Sumit

#2 The Other Way’s Jenny Disheveled – Not Normal for Home Blessing

Another red flag of a scripted 90 Day Fiance scene was that Jenny Slatten was still in her travel clothes and disheveled from her long trip. The blessing is a sacred ritual that Indians take seriously. Our sources say if it were legit, Jenny and her guy Sumit would be already fresh and clean.

And they’d be in nice clothes. Preferably, Jenny Slatten would have been in a lovely sari, which we’ve seen she bought before with Sumit on 90 Day Fiance. Instead, The Other Way had her in jeans. The not being clean, the casual clothes, and the wrong time of day are all “inauspicious.”

#3 Bindi for Wives – But He’s Married Already

Another issue with the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way scene is the red paint on Jenny Slatten’s forehead. That’s a “Bindi” and represents the third eye, and also strength. But, importantly, it generally indicates an adult female is married. But that’s not the case with her and Sumit.

As you know, Sumit’s got an Indian wife. So, that’s another sketchy aspect of the 90 Day Fiance scene. Why would they paint Jenny with the mark of a wife? Did Sumit fib to the holy man and say they were married? Or was this just all staged, so they weren’t worried about it?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way - Jenny Slatten - Sumit

#4 Pot on Jenny’s Head – Another Wife-related Sign on 90 Day Fiance

Also, a red flag of fakery is the flower pot on Jenny’s head. First, after consulting with some Indian contacts, we found no evidence this is part of a house blessing. Instead, it’s associated with weddings. The mother-in-law places a pot on the bride’s head, and she balances it.

So, was 90 Day Fiance just trying to make Jenny Slatten look silly? Or were they pulling from various Indian rituals relying on American viewers not to know better? Another concern raised was that with Sumit behind her, she stepped left-foot-first into the house – another no-no.

#5 Cow Calamity – The Other Way Story “Filled With Lies” Says India Expert

There’s a couple of issues with the 90 Day Fiance cow scene. First, Jenny Slatten knows by now from Sumit that cows are sacred in India. It seems unlikely she’d freak out. That aside, in house blessings, the cow enters first, before the tenants. So, that’s another whoopsy.

A local in India who watched 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way said Sumit’s story with her, in general, is “filled with lies.” One point of note is that the house blessing ceremony varies widely across India, so they’re not all consistent. But the issues we presented above come from a source in India.

Is there more frauding ahead this season? Already, everything doesn’t add up with Jenny and love Sumit’s story. What does seem consistent is that they care for each other. Anything else, though, could be contrived for the TLC cameras. We’ll see as The Other Way continues.

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