’90 Day Fiance’: Stephanie Woodcock Sent Robert Nudes – Using Him for Exposure?

90 Day Fiance cast member Robert Springs recently answered fan questions on Instagram – and, his answers led to more questions surrounding his ties with Stephanie Woodcock (Bryson’s grandmother). She is the adult film star known as Diamond Foxxx. Along with where Bryson’s mother is in the picture. Many of Robert’s responses are raising eyebrows among fans. Especially regarding where Bryson’s mom is. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Woodcock Sent Robert Springs Nudes

Stephanie Woodcock is a popular adult film actress Diamond Foxxx. She appears on 90 Day Fiance as herself. And, the narrative indicates she is actively a part of Bryson’s life. Meanwhile, it seems she and Robert have an interesting relationship. A 90 Day Fiance follower asked him if he’s ever seen any of her films. Robert claims he hasn’t. But, he says he has seen more than a lot of people see of their son’s grandmother.

Robert Springs said she sent him a picture of her “private[s]”. When pressed for more details, he said it was by “accident”. A lot of viewers want to know more about Stephanie Woodcock’s ties with Bryson as well. Another 90 Day Fiance follower asked about the way she kisses Bryson on the mouth. And, Robert Springs said it’s something he talked to her about.

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90 Day Fiance: Is Stephanie Using Robert Springs for Fame?

Some fans have posted that they think Stephanie Woodcock is using her relationship with Robert and Bryson to get on the show and boost her brand as an adult film star. While other fans think that Stephanie is one of the more stable influences in Bryson’s life, regardless of her occupation.

Fans point out that Stephanie’s questions for Robert and Anny have always been over concern for Bryson. While her asking Anny about birth control might be considered out of line, Stephanie did apologize. But since Robert has five children with four different women, her concern is understandable.


Where is Bryson’s Mother?

A lot of 90 Day Fiance watchers want to know where Bryson’s other parent is. She isn’t in the picture but there isn’t much known beyond that. And, some of Robert Springs’ responses to 90 Day Fiance fans only seem to complicate things more. Interestingly, he said Bryson’s mom doesn’t know about Stephanie Woodcock sending him explicit pics.

Anny has been a mother figure to Bryson on 90 Day Fiance. But, many viewers still have questions about where his biological mother is. Robert answered some questions. But, his responses seem dodgy and he didn’t give his followers anything concrete. He didn’t say anything about where she is. But, he said she is not in jail. The reason she is not in her son’s life isn’t clear. But, it seems Robert Springs wanted to at least rule out the possibility she is behind bars.

He went on to answer more questions. But, his answers got more cryptic as he went on. He said he has “no idea” why she isn’t in the picture. And, he reiterated again that she is not in jail. Meanwhile, he went on to say she doesn’t do adult films like Stephanie Woodcock.

And, when a fan asked if Stephanie Woodcock still talks to her daughter, he said he doesn’t know. But, he knows it’s “very deep”. He didn’t elaborate on what that means. So, at least for now, it looks like followers will have to continue to guess.

Robert Springs and Anny are now married, so you can expect more drama in upcoming episodes.

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