’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Tim and Melyza – Did She Cheat on Him Too?

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta deal with more relationship issues on The Other Way. Tim wants to know if Melyza was messing around with somebody else while they were living apart. Could he not be the only one who was unfaithful in the relationship? Find out when the second half of the season returns this October.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Spoilers – Melyza Zeta Seeks Details from Tim about Affair

This season on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Melyza Zeta welcomed Tim Clarkson to Colombia. Tim moved to show that he is serious about their relationship. He had given up his life in America to be with Melyza in a different country. But, Melyza doesn’t seem ready to forgive him for his betrayal. While the two were living apart, Tim had messed around with a co-worker.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member did find out that Tim Clarkson had cheated on her. However, Melyza Zeta didn’t know the details. Tim only told her that he and his co-worker had become friendly and started to text each other, which led to flirting. He then invited this woman over to his house, and their hang out turned into him cheating. But there was more to the story.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Clarkson - Melyza Zeta - The Other Way

Tim Clarkson Comes Clean about Cheating

Tim Clarkson didn’t tell Melyza Zeta the real reason for the affair. The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way celeb wanted to prevent a breakup between the two. So, he left out a few details about the infidelity. However, he did eventually spill the underlying reason for why he cheated.

Tim said to Melyza that the distance between them was difficult for him. He said he had a physical urge, and he just wanted to satisfy it. 90 Day Fiance spoilers report that his story doesn’t sit well with Melyza.

However, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way reality star didn’t just come clean to his girlfriend. Tim Clarkson also told Melyza Zeta’s dad about his affair. Her mom had already known, and she wasn’t happy with Tim for what he did. So, he was afraid that her dad would also have the same reaction, and he did. Melyza’s father said that it would be best that the two break up.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Clarkson - Melyza Zeta - The Other Way

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Tim Questions Melyza about Cheating

Tim Clarkson had made it clear that he is very regretful for cheating on Melyza Zeta. He has been open about what he did while the two were living apart. But, now it seems like Tim is wondering what his 90 Day Fiance girlfriend was doing while he wasn’t around. She may not be the innocent one in the relationship, after all.

In the sneak peek of part two of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tim Clarkson flips the script on Melyza Zeta. He starts to become curious to find out if she has been with anyone else while he’s been living in America. He says to her, ” I would like to know if you’ve been having sex with somebody.”

Melyza seems defensive. She says, “what for?” Tim replies, “for my own sanity.” Yet, she doesn’t give him a straight answer. She says, “I don’t think I need to tell you that.” Did she cheat as well?

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