’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Meet Mike and Natalie – New Couple Live Very Different Lifestyles

90 Day Fiance spoilers introduce new couple Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva. The couple were set up by their good friends. After successful first impressions, the two started dating. Mike visited Natalie in Ukraine and asked her to be his wife after only meeting her in person twice.

Now Natalie Mordovtseva is heading to America where the two will marry each other within 90 days. However, the duo live two very different lifestyles. Find out if Natalie and Mike Youngquist will be able to overcome their differences on the new season.

90 Day Fiance – Mike Youngquist Gets Set Up

Mike Youngquist met Natalie Mordovtseva when a friend of his played matchmaker. His good buddy Matt has a wife from Ukraine. So, Matt and his wife, Svetlana thought it would be a good idea to set Mike up with one of her friends. Matt then introduced Mike to his wife’s friend Natalie. From that moment the 90 Day Fiance pair spoke to each other every day online.

The 90 Day Fiance Washington resident saw Natalie Mordovtseva in person for the first time when he flew to see her in her home country. During that same trip, he knew that he wanted to marry her. However, Mike Youngquist didn’t propose to her until their second trip together. According to reports, while on their trip to Paris, Mike popped the question at the Eiffel Tower.

90 Day Fiance: Natalie - Mike

Natalie Mordovtseva Cannot Wait To Be In America

Natalie Mordovtseva has Svetlana to thank for setting her up with Mike Youngquist. She will soon be joining Svetlana in America. Although, before that happens Natalie needs to go to the states and marry Mike within 90 days. She says that the Washington native is “located in the centre of my heart.” So, there should be no drama when it comes to tying the knot.

90 Day Fiance spoilers indicate that Natalie is excited to come to the United States. Mike says to his fiance “getting excited to come here, baby?” She responds saying “I cannot wait.” Living in the states can be very exciting for this foreign fiance, but will Mike Youngquist and the Ukraine native make it down the aisle?

TLC Couple Live Different Lives

Natalie Mordovtseva enjoys living life in the city. She’s more of a city girl. However, the man she is marrying isn’t. Living in the U.S she may have no choice, but to live a different lifestyle. Natalie also has strong views when it comes to going to church. It is important for her to attend. She hopes that the 90 Day Fiance American will be open to joining her in church.

On the other hand, Mike Youngquist lives a more simple and rustic life in Washington. He also has different views when it comes to attending church. Sources say that Mike doesn’t have any interest in going. Will Natalie be able to change his church-going thoughts? Find out if the newcomers are a match made in heaven on the season premiere of 90 Day Fiance on November 3 at 8 pm only on TLC.

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