’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Colt Reams Larissa as ‘Bat-Sh*t Crazy’ – ‘Mama’s Boy’ Finally Speaks Up

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson laid into Larissa Christina like viewers have never seen before as the mild mannered Colt calmly refers to his Brazilan beauty as “bat sh*t crazy.” In this preview for Sunday’s show, Larissa Christina feels Colt Johnson is not paying enough attention to her.

While out to dinner with friends, Larissa whines about Colt not giving her any compliments. She tells him, as his stunned friends look on, that she spent two hours getting ready. Furthermore, after all her fussing to look so good, Colt ignores the outcome. So what does this couple, who are apparently his friends, have to say as their jaws drop?

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson Doesn’t Compliment Larissa Christina

The woman on this 90 Day Fiance clip says, “I think Larissa is a fiery spark.” She then adds, “It’s really awkward and it’s like – oh, goodness – what do we do.” The guy, who looks equally embarrassed for Colt as the woman seems to be, says, “I think both of us just kind of want to let things work themselves out.”

Colt Johnson did something rather surprising as he stood up to Larissa Christina in front of his friends. He tells the woman that he does eventually marry –  it’s all about her. He then asks Larissa: “What about Colt?”

What About Colt Johnson?

From there Colt lets into her about all the things he does. He tells Larissa to, “walk in my shoes” and then he tells her “I work all day.” A very agitated Larissa interrupts him to say “I don’t care.” This is when he tells his wife-to-be, he knows she doesn’t care and “that’s the problem.”

Colt has this argument without raising his voice but he throws some sarcasm in. Like when he tells Larissa, let me look at my “list of approved complements.” The self-professed “mama’s boy” also tells his feisty partner that he does compliment her.

But she continues to raise her voice to deny what he’s saying. Colt’s approach is different this time around from his usual way of handling things on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

It’s All About Larissa Christina

Besides working all day, Colt tells Larissa he has to deal with problems within the family. He also says he has to deal with a wedding and at the same time he has to make sure Larissa is happy. It looks like he is fed up, as seen on this 90 Day Fiance video from Sunday night’s show.

Colt then asks Larissa, “when does Colt get upset? When does Colt get angry? What does Colt want? It’s always about you.” After the argument he tells the camera that he can’t believe Larissa is so angry at him. He then says “I don’t understand.”

Who’s Right Here – Colt or Larissa?

With over 1,500 comments on this Facebook video clip, it appears that many fans have been waiting for Colt to finally speak up.

It looks like 90 Day Fiance fans had mixed emotions. Some fans didn’t find Colt’s attempt to squash Larissa’s attention-seeking as a good thing. Seems like many of the comments indicated the fans saw him in this clip as almost bully-like to the woman he plans to marry.

While he did get some praise for speaking up to his wife, Larissa has a large fan base who feel sorry for her. Or at least it looks that way from the comments on Facebook from those who watched the clip.

90 Day Fiance – Did They Make it Through Dinner?

It looks like this dinner date with Colt’s friends turned out “awkward” as the unnamed woman said.  90 Day Fiance viewers will have to tune in Sunday to see how the rest of this event played out.

Once you get the whole picture of this night out with friends it should be easier to decipher both Larissa and Colt’s part in all of this. First of all, what sparked Larissa’s complaints?

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