’90 Day Fiance’ Shocker: Botoxed Angela Deem on New Season – And Michael’s Headed to America

90 Day Fiance‘s new season starts soon and Angela Deem‘s in the cast. She’s getting Botox and her man Michael Ilesanmi in upcoming episodes. The TLC regular franchise picks up Sunday, November 3 and look for country girl Angela back in the states and getting ready to welcome her Nigerian fiance to South Georgia. Take a look.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Gets Botox – Is Darcey Silva a Bad Influence?

For those that know Angela Deem’s always authentic, it’s a little disappointing to see her in a plastic surgeon’s chair getting injections. However, maybe this was just a one off. She’s celebrating getting Michael Ilesanmi’s K-1 and him moving to ‘Merica. It’s clear that TLC is using Angela Deem to prop what’s reportedly an otherwise dull season of its main show.

She’s featured heavily in this video although a little bird behind the scenes told us exclusively that TLC uses her sparingly and we can expect just three or four episodes with her Georgia a** unless they flip the script based on ratings reports. Not only is Angela the feature image for the hot new trailer – but she’s front and center. We start this 90 Day Fiance promo with Angela Deem screaming in pain as she gets her first-ever Botox injections.

With Darcey Silva perpetually plumped and pouted and Rebecca Parrott filtered and well-lit, are they a bad influence on Angela? The good news is, aside from a few forehead wrinkles smoothed, Angela looks like her usual brash self. So, let’s unpack the rest of this 90 Day Fiance tease like Angela unpacks her Marlboro reds from her cleavage. Because she’s about to get her man here…

Angela Deem Takes on Jesse Meester’s Haters – And Now a New TLC Season

For those that thought they’d seen the last of Angela Deem when she swept out of the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All, think again. Because she went back to Georgia, got busy on the K-1 and is bringing Michael here to get busy with her. She’s got fans volunteering to give her an egg to tote, so it seems all her dreams are coming true.

In the trailer for the upcoming 90 Day Fiance season, Angela says “Michael will be here soon on the K-1 visa” and that’s why she’s getting Botox. Her forehead looks a little smoother, but you can tell she didn’t go crazy with the wrinkle relaxer. Plus, Michael knows what she looks like – Angela’s not a filter gal and he’s woken up beside her in Nigeria plenty of times.

And of course, there’s drama with her and Michael. But with TLC, you never know how much of their reality show is “real”. Because with Sharp Entertainment production behind the scenes and setting up fakery, there’s just no telling what we’ll get. And if you notice in the video for these 90 Day Fiance episodes, Michael’s not seen in the US… So, will he make it there on the season or is TLC teasing fans?

90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance: Micheal in Tears – Wedding and Journey to America Still On?

Also shown in the promo is Angela Deem video chatting with her fiance from Nigeria. She’s got her daughter Skyla Deem there – and one of her many grandkids as she asks if he still wants to get married. Then there’s Michael crying on the phone while Angela says it’s “painful” while she seems near tears as well. So, it remains to be seen if Michael will be in Georgia for any of this taping.

All of the other couples on the 90 Day Fiance season promo are shown at the airport greeting their foreign partners to welcome them to America to start the marriage and green card process. Except for Michael and Angela. So, our production insider told us that the new season cast were all yawners and a potential ratings dud.

So, perhaps TLC decided to inject Angela Deem into the season even though she and Michael aren’t quite at the same stage as the others welcoming their lovers to the US. Wait to see. But one thing we know is Angela’s certain to spice up the upcoming season of the reality show. Watch as it kicks off Sunday night with Angela Deem and some other randos.

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