’90 Day Fiance’: Sasha’s Wife Emily Slams Anti-Vaxxer

90 Day Fiance star Emily McCue Larina clapped back at an anti-vaxxer that attacked her online for wanting to vaccinate her baby David Alexandrovich. It happened when she posted a photo of baby David with a couple of Band-Aids from vaccinations. Also, she added an article highlighting the reasons in favor of vaccines. The controversial subject caused the comment section to explode.

90 Day Fiance: Emily McCue Larina Gets David Vaccinated

Back in November, Emily McCue Larina shared a picture of her and Sasha’s newborn son, David Alexandrovich. The 90 Day Fiance baby was sporting several Band-Aids covered in puppies and soccer balls. Plus, she threw an article supporting in place of a caption that was bound to stir up trouble in the comments.

Sasha’s wife Emily has fought back before with 90 Day Fiance followers online. She will voice her opinion on subjects she feels strongly about. Now, she’s doing the same to an anti-vaxxer who decided to pick a fight with her on Instagram.

Anti-Vaxxer Shames Emily’s Decision

Of course, touching on such a controversial subject will come with backlash, no matter the stance. So, it’s no surprise that 90 Day Fiance celeb Emily McCue Larina received some backlash for her post. But one of the comments was enough to result in a response from Emily.

“Check the inserts before you advocate for that, sh*t” the poster wrote, implying that Emily was uninformed. This didn’t sit well with her and she fired back, “I’ve seen the inserts, seen the research, trust the science, and I know for a fact there is no big payout or financial conspiracy going on”.

90 Day Fiance: Emily Larin

90 Day Fiance: Emily Doesn’t Want Smallpox or Polio

While responding to the fan, Emily McCue also flat out explained her reasons for vaccinating David Alexandrovich. “I’m not trying to see a polio or smallpox outbreak in my lifetime”. So, she voiced her reasons to vaccinate her son.

But, Emily McCue’s response probably didn’t do anything to change anyone’s opinions. The original account just started a fight with other fans of differing ideas in the comment section. Emily didn’t waste much more of her time defending her actions.

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