’90 Day Fiance’: Sarah Jessen Tells Her Truth – TLC Editing Making Michael’s Ex-Wife Look Bad?

90 Day Fiance trio Juliana Custodio, Michael Jessen, and ex-wife Sarah Jessen have an interesting relationship on the show. A big part of their storyline this season involves Juliana adjusting to life in America. But also, adjusting to Michael’s kids and fitting in with his family dynamic. How she and his ex-wife get along is a big part of that. But, is TLC editing  to manufacture drama?

90 Day Fiance: Juliana Custodio Meets Sarah Jessen

A big moment in the last 90 Day Fiance episode was the first meeting between Sarah Jessen and Juliana Custodio. Juliana just arrived in America and had only met Michael’s children up to this point. The Brazilian 90 Day Fiance told TLC cameras it’s unusual for exes to be as close as Michael Jessen and Sarah are. And, that close relationship seemed to put her off on the show.

There were tense moments at the dinner table once Sarah Jessen finally arrived. Sarah seemed to go off on Juliana Custodio right out of the gate and asked her about her role in the family. Tense moments were caught on camera and many 90 Day Fiance fans note the situation seemed awkward. But, Sarah Jessen is telling a completely different story.

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Sarah Jessen Defends Herself – Calls Out TLC Editing

90 Day Fiance cast member Sarah Jessen wants to set the record straight about the dinner scene on the show. She tells Juliana on camera that she wants her to “not parent”. But, Sarah says there’s more to the story that TLC edited out. According to Sarah, the part left on the cutting room floor included her telling Juliana that she doesn’t want her to parent because she wants her to focus on adjusting to a new home, a new country, and a new relationship.

In addition, she defended a number of other things. On top of how she appears with Juliana, 90 Day Fiance fans went in on her for the way she looked. Sarah Jessen said she came straight from work. As a single mom running two businesses, she has other things to worry about. Other fans think Sarah looks great and that it must be jealous trolls posting negative comments.

90 Day Fiance: TLC Manufacturing Drama?

How the network edits scenes and splices them together to create the final product is a common topic among cast members. And, Sarah Jessen is the latest to rail against it. She said she expected a lot of negativity. But, she added the “hurtful” comments make her sad. In addition, she talked about Juliana Custodio and their current relationship. She went on to say she and Juliana Custodio are “EXTREMELY” close. And, she hopes that will be shown as the current 90 Day Fiance season progresses.

It’s evident that Sarah is very supportive of Michael and Juliana’s relationship. Sarah recently officiated their wedding. As reported earlier, Michael Jessen and his bride Juliana Custodio are now man and wife. They married on October 12 in Connecticut. So, it seems the entire Jessen clan are one big, happy family – Juliana and Sarah included.

Sarah has asked for 90 Day Fiance viewers to watch with an open mind. That’s good advice, since the TLC show is famous for their clever editing.

Juliana Custodio said on the showthat she didn’t feel like part of the family yet. And, that she sometimes feels like she is “destroying” the family. But, based on what Sarah Jessen revealed, it looks like they’ve formed that bond since filming.

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