’90 Day Fiance’: Robert & Anny Bring Baby Brenda Home – Bryson Ready to Spoil Her

90 Day Fiance stars Robert Springs and Anny Francisco Matos shared their journey of bringing baby Brenda home on Discovery Plus’. The TLC couple enjoyed their first moments with their newborn before introducing her to Bryson. Robert’s son even had the perfect gift for his new sister, as seen on the Diaries spinoff.

90 Day Fiance Diaries: Robert Springs & Anny Introduce Baby Brenda

Last July, Robert Springs and his wife, Anny Francisco Matos, welcomed a new addition to the family. On 90 Day Fiance Diaries, Anny and Robert opened up about the birth of their baby girl, Brenda Aaliyah. According to Robert, the name means “strength,” and it is also his mother’s name. His first thought when he saw Brenda was that he’s a “daddy all over again.”

Anny Francisco Matos from 90 Day Fiance was shocked at how much her daughter weighed. She said that Brenda was “so heavy and so big” at birth. She also said that her baby’s “little cheeks” were even chunky. But, Anny did admit that she was “eating a lot” for her daughter. She said Brenda is the “love of my life.”

Robert Springs enjoyed seeing Anny Francisco Matos hold their baby for the first time. He said it was a “beautiful, touching moment” to witness. He also said that Anny is already a “good mother” to his son Bryson. So, Robert knows she will be a “great mom” to both of them.

90 Day Fiance: Anny Francisco Matos - Robert Springs - Diaries

Anny Francisco Matos & Robert Leave Hospital

Two days after giving birth, Anny Francisco Matos and her husband, Robert Springs, left the hospital. The 90 Day Fiance cast members were finally able to bring baby Brenda home. Robert was excited for his child, Bryson, to meet his little sister for the very first time. He knew that Bryson was going to be an “excellent” big brother.

90 Day Fiance Diaries revealed that Anny Francisco Matos was happy to be bringing the newest addition to their family home. She said she couldn’t wait to show Brenda her room, clothes, and belongings. Anny was also excited to show her baby girl the home where she will grow up in. Brenda may only be a newborn, but Anny is looking forward to experiencing all the firsts with her little one.

90 Day Fiance: Bryson Springs - Diaries

90 Day Fiance Celeb’s Son Bryson Meets Baby Sister

Robert Springs’ son, Bryson, got the chance to finally meet his little sis. However, he thought she was “icky” when she pooped her pants. But, that didn’t stop him from showing his new sibling some love. While holding Brenda, Bryson said, “she’s mine.” He also already has plans to spoil her. He said he was heading to buy her a gift card the next day.

Robert Springs said on 90 Day Fiance Diaries that he enjoyed having his two children together. He said seeing Bryson bond with Brenda was a “beautiful feeling.” To see the love and the connection between the two was “breathtaking” for Robert. But, will his sixth child be the last for him?

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