’90 Day Fiance’: Ricky Reyes With Cortney Reardanz – New Couple Alert?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Ricky Reyes posted a pic with Cortney Reardanz online. Could this mean that they are a couple? During his season of the show, Ricky flew to Colombia to meet up with a woman he met online and another production hired to create drama. He rubbed, fake proposed, then decided to work on things with his wife Natalia Reyes. They were reportedly happily hitched at the time but have now split. With these recent pictures posted online, does that mean Ricky is romancing Cortney?

90 Day Fiance: Ricky Reyes Compliments Cortney Reardanz On Social Media

Ricky defended Cortney. She appeared on a different season of the TLC show. She went all the way to Spain to meet a man she has been talking to on SnapChat. Friends and family tried to convince her that she was being catfished. However, Antonio Millon turned out to be real.


The show portrayed Cortney as not gullible and crazy for traveling so far just to see a man she has only known from pictures. In a social post, Ricky Reyes made it clear that “unlike the show Cortney is actually highly highly intelligent.” He goes on to compliment her on her values and her free spirited attitude.

Cortney Reardanz Loves Her Haters

In Ricky’s post he says that the 90 Day Fiance babe doesn’t have one bad bone in her body. She would offer help to anyone who is in need. That is also including her haters. Cortney Reardanz did receive a lot of hate while on the show. However, she has done her best to ignore that. Ricky is letting people know that she doesn’t pay attention to the hate.

In the same post, Ricky admits that Cortney can be frugal. However, it is only because she knows the importance of investing. He adds that she also sees the value of future profits. Ricky implies it is important not to judge someone based off of how they look on a show. He wants people to know there is more to Cortney than what was shown.

Are They Are Couple?

When the 90 Day Fiance star posted the picture of the pair on social media people started to speculate. There is no obvious reason why the two would be hanging out. This led people to wonder if Ricky Reyes and Cortney are dating. Ricky has nothing but nice things to say about Cortney Reardanz. It is not known why he would post something like this. However, the show has now become a match maker.

It is not confirmed if Ricky and Cortney are a couple. However, it is not denied either. In the comments, one user asks him if him and Cortney were dating. The user added “Truth. No lies.” Ricky Reyes replied to the comment that he has “to wait for the right time to say so.” This cryptic reply can mean a lot of things. Are they a couple? Will there be a spin-off show?

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