’90 Day Fiance’: Rejected Cast Appears On ‘Dr. Phil’ – Spills TLC Show Secrets

90 Day Fiance candidate Holly was rejected from the show after TLC found information about her international lover. Now Holly is on Dr. Phil revealing her secret of having to get two fiances. Dr.Phil is uncovering the truth behind these relationships. Are her fiances only in it for a free ride to the United Stated?

TLC no longer wanted Holly on 90 Day Fiance due to accusations against her fiance, Keoma. However, that didn’t stop Holly. Instead, she fell in love with another man who is from Turkey, Gunes. Is TLC behind the reasoning for Holly finding love with another international man? 

90 Day Fiance: Holly Had to Get Different

Holly appeared on a recent episode of Dr. Phil to talk about 90 Day Fiance and being torn having two foreign fiances. Holly first found herself in love with a Brazilian man who lives in England named Keoma. The two met online. On the Dr. Phil talk show, Holly revealed that Keoma promised he would give her a son. In return, Holly would marry him so Keoma could become a citizen.


Holly Booted From 90 Day Fiance

According to reports, Holly got the approval to be on 90 Day Fiance by Sharp. She was going to be on the show with Keoma. They even began filming.

However, according to Holly, once TLC did a background check on Keoma, they didn’t want the couple on the show. Apparently, producers found molestation accusations in his past. The couple was then rejected from 90 Day Fiance.

But,Holly says that she was told that if she was able to find another international fiance she could participate.

Holly Found A Backup Fiance – Back on TLC Show

Holy then found love with another man named Gunes, who was from Turkey. Like Keoma, Gunes appears to only want a ticket to America. His intentions of marrying Holly become suspicious when Dr. Phil showed a video made by Gunes. In the video, Gunes talks about applying for a green card on his own. If he is denied, he would just marry someone in America to get a green card.

Now, it seems she probably will not be on 90 Day Fiance since she is on Dr. Phil spilling secrets about her relationships with two men from different countries. 

Similar Situations on TLC Franchise

If true, this wouldn’t be the first time the network had a 90 Day Fiance participant seek another relationship. Ricky Reyes was only interested in Ximena Parra when he went to Colombia. Upon arriving, producers had Ricky say he was there to see Melissa (someone he had never met). On the show, Melissa pretty much dumped him and he then went on to date Ximena.  However, Ximena was not in on the storyline. She thought she was Ricky’s second choice, and that Ricky was online cheating on her.

There are many instances of what you see on 90 Day Fiance is not what’s real. Reports indicate that Tim Malcolm and Jeniffer Tarazona had dated before he went down to see her fir the “first” time. And Aladin Jallali’s best friend, Aymen, says much of the drama was staged. The list goes on and on.

And fans are now talking about how similar Holly’s situation is is to another TLC celeb. The 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days two-time star, Darcey Silva appeared on the show with two different men. Darcey first went to Amsterdam to meet her then-boyfriend Jesse Meester. However, that relationship ended without an engagement. Darcey then went with her backup man, Tom Brooks. Another relationship that didn’t end with an engagement ring. Instead, she got a key. Fans think that Holly’s story is starting to sound familiar. 

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