’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Stephanie Gets Slipped a Raw Deal

90 Day Fiance recap reviews Stephanie Davison getting some action in the bedroom from boy toy Ryan Carr but rages when he pulls a bait and switch. Yara Zaya is pregnant and miserable while Jovi Dufren parties on without a care in the world.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have a pregnancy scare and tease his parents with the test results. Rebecca Parrott worries that Zied Hakimi will want children in the future shows our 90 Day Fiance recap. And Mike Youngquist can’t catch a break from an insecure Natalie Mordovtseva.

Pop the champagne and lets get busy with this 90 Day Fiance recap of season 8 episode 11 Three’s A Party.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Ryan Carr Gives Stephanie Davison a Raw Deal on 90 Day Fiance

Self-described cougar Stephanie Davison has been patiently waiting for some action from her twenty-something boyfriend Ryan Carr since she landed in Belize. And it seems it finally happened but Ryan slipped her a raw deal literally. He crinkled one of the Day-Glo condom wrappers she brought but failed to actually wrap it in neon. So when she asked for some lube he told her she wouldn’t need it that it was wild and free.

This sent Stephanie into a rage since she thinks Ryan has spent their 10 months apart enjoying the young ladies of Belize. Ryan gets mad and leaves and Stephanie goes full meltdown on 90 Day Fiance recap. She cries and tears apart the room convinced Ryan stole her mother’s wedding ring. He didn’t. She uses this as a reason to call him and threaten to get herself a cabana boy. She reminds him she has all his slides and watches to lure some replacement young D.

Instead of going to sleep she calls her psychic friend Maria back home. Maria delights in an “I told you so” while Stephanie rehashes the slippery situation on 90 Day Fiance. She wants to reach out to backup booty call cousin Harris and Maria approves that idea. So she calls him and of course he’s delighted to come to the rescue again. Stephanie loses the call and proclaims her life is a s*it show. Run Harris run.

Yara Zaya Fed Up With Jovi Dufren at The Engagement Party

90 Day Fiance couple Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are not on the same page in life. Or for that matter not even in the same book. Yara is still mad that Jovi left her alone at his parent’s house so he could pound beers and eat crawfish. And then only offered up the leftover mudbugs for her to eat. Not exactly the best choice for a queasy pregnant woman. Yara cries on the way to the party and is dismayed that she ruined her 3-hour makeup job.

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Once at the party she relaxes a little even though Jovi’s mom Gwen invited about fifty people. Yara made clear she wanted a small party but she is gracious to mother Jovi and says she loves it. On 90 Day Fiance, Yara is also hungry, so she is relieved to chow on some chicken instead of crawfish. Yara is weary and Jovi suggests they tell his parents now that she is preggo. She’s cool with it and Jovi blurts out the news. They are very happy and this makes Yara feel better.

On 90 Day Fiance, Jovi is feeling his dozen or so beers even though he stopped counting after 5. He grabs Yara’s butt while they do a dance and she tells him she hates him while his mom swears she can see the love between them. Then he disappears and she turns to his friends who basically agree that he’s being a jerk. She drags him outside to tell him about it and he says he doesn’t really care and heads back into the bar leaving Yara in tears with producers.

Brandon Gibbs & Julia Trubkina Play Pregnancy Roulette on 90 Day Fiance

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina aren’t fans of birth control. But neither wants a baby yet either. So these two crazy kids are using the pull out method and throwing caution to the wind. But Julia’s been feeling a bit nauseous and they are wondering if she could be carrying a future farmhand. Brandon gets the bright idea to tell his parents their suspicions before they even have proof.

Thankfully they all gather on the front porch to talk instead of the naked therapy hot tub. Brandon happens to have Jenga handy and this stalls the pregnancy chatter for all of 2 minutes. Brandon’s dad is hell bent to reassemble the tower after toppling it. Brandon asks him to ease off for a minute and delivers the vague news that his 90 Day Fiance Julia puked this morning and may be pregnant. Or just has a wee case of salmonella from handling raw chicken eggs.

Mother Betty reminds them of their lax attitude towards birth control. Brandon tries to blame it all on Julia. Brandon’s dad just wants a do over on Jenga. The next day Brandon brings a test home after a long day battling termites. Julia fakes him out and says there are two lines but there really isn’t. Later they pull the same trick on Ron and Betty. But in the end admit that Julia isn’t pregnant. So, they all dodged a bullet this time.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Rebecca Parrot Warns Zied Hakimi To Just Say No To American Women

On 90 Day Fiance, Rebecca Parrot is feeling her age. She schools Zied Hakimi on how to follow the GPS while pouting about the night before. Things got messy when a young hot girl offered Zied help moving while Rebecca was working. Zied doesn’t really see what the big deal is. So Rebecca explains in her kindergarten teacher voice that if a woman offers to help him do anything he is to say no. Or better yet never leave the apartment alone.

The couple are headed to meet Rebecca’s son who Rebecca points out is just a few years younger than Zied. So therefore Zied is technically his stepfather. And a grandfather to his two young children. Zied is cool with all of this. He loves kids and jumps right in playing ball with the older child. Unlike Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany her son is kind to Zied and doesn’t ask a million questions.

Things are going nicely until Rebecca’s daughter-in-law asks Zied if he’s going to want kids of his own. Rebecca admits she physically can’t give her 90 Day Fiance kids after a partial hysterectomy years before. She takes him out for coffee later to discuss it. Zied assures her that he is okay with not having kids. Rebecca believes he means that now but admits at his age she certainly didn’t know what she wanted. So only time will tell.

Mike Youngquist Tells Natalie Mordovtseva Her Beauty Is Ugly on 90 Day Fiance

Natalie Mordovtseva makes an appointment for video counseling. She’s super frustrated that Mike Youngquist won’t give her engagement ring back. And even more frustrated that he admitted to an in-person counselor he doesn’t think they are in love anymore. So she dials up her therapist Rachel who is pleasant and wants to know how she can help. It seems Natalie is convinced that Mike cheated on her with his best gal pal Sara while they were engaged and she was still in Ukraine.

On 90 Day Fiance Natalie recounts a FaceTime call with Mike after he crashed on Sara’s couch the night before her wedding. She says he was half-naked and stoned. And that she heard Sara say she was heading to the shower in the background. The therapist suggests she talk to Mike about the incident again. Natalie feels validated that she didn’t dismiss her concerns over the alleged dalliance.

But one person who will is Mike. She brings it up to him and he couldn’t be more bored. He says Sara is like a sister to him and that nothing happened. Natalie isn’t having it and suggests she is by far the better looking of the two of them. Mike calls her out and says her “beauty is ugly”. And again says nothing happened. The next day the two take a walk to talk it out. And what Natalie really wants is her ring back. But Mike says it would be a lie. Because he just isn’t ready to marry her.

Hazel Cagalitan Wants to Be More Happy

On 90 Day Fiance, Tarik Myers pours Hazel Cagalitan a glass of wine. The couple are still in quarantine. They video chat with Tarik’s friend Angela. Hazel admits she doesn’t mind being stuck with Tarik 24/7. But she could be “more happy”. Of course Angela wants to know what that means. And Hazel says she wants a girlfriend. At first Angela thinks she means a girlfriend to shop with or have girl talk with. But Hazel says that’s not the case.

Angela is a little shocked and suggests these two cool their jets on the three way stuff and just get to know each other better first. She also suggests Hazel not let Tarik push her into anything she’s uncomfortable with. Of course Tarik lets her know that it’s Hazel who wants the third party in the bedroom. Angela suggests that jealousy is a problem and this could harm their relationship. Tarik blames it on the wine and we are left hanging till next week.

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