’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Snowflake Steven Irritates Eric – Asuelu Dances Us Out – ‘Tell All’ Part 2

This 90 Day Fiance recap of the finale Tell All part 2 picks up right where we left off. With Larissa Christina and Fernanda Flores battling it out for who’s the hottest. Ashley Martson’s still stewing over Jay Smith’s Tinder trust breaker. Eric Rosenbrook calls Steven Frend a snowflake and Asuelu Pulaa just wants to hear.

This season has been exhausting on and off the air with Larissa recently arrested again and Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores headed for divorce. Let’s get to the rock bottom of this sh*t storm of a season on the Season 6 Episode 12 finale of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance Recap: The Cast Stomps Off The Set

Colt and Larissa had only been onstage a few minutes but managed to clear the room faster than an old man’s fart on 90 Day Fiance. Host Shaun Robinson sits wearily looking in dire need of a vodka martini and Calgon. The beef between the Vegas newlyweds and Jon and Fernanda has reached new heights.

The other couples sit in the green room trashing the latecomers. Ashley is all finger snapping pissed. Wait why are you even in this fight Ashley? We see what else unfolded before everyone stormed out. While everyone is blaming Colt and Larissa, it really was Fernanda who cast the first shade.

The Fer Flies – Bitter Battle With Larissa Christina

Fer made the comment about things being more comfortable before they arrived. That sent the wardrobe-challenged Larissa into attack mode. Then Colt and Jonathan got into it. The whole beef stemmed from Fernanda calling out Larissa for mocking her own arrest on Instagram.

The cast agrees to return to the stage on 90 Day Fiance. Colt is ready to confront their enemies, but remains pretty lowkey about it. Fernanda immediately starts poking the bear. The ever wise and patient Steven Frend (cough cough) tosses off an inspirational quote “class before trash”. Larissa explains she’s in a “delicatee” situation with a court case coming up. It’s more than that given a third arrest since then.

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha Demand Apology from Tasha

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha got married in conference room B of the Baraboo Sleep Inn. Only Eric’s youngest daughter attended. The proverbial s*it hit the fan when Leida threw stepdaughter Tasha out of the apartment via a cell phone call from Eric.

They blame Tasha for intentionally making a mess in the apartment before Leida arrived (cue “People’s Court” music). Tasha joins us via video chat to defend herself on 90 Day Fiance. Eric says that he’s exiled Tasha from his life until he gets an apology for the messy apartment. If all parents never talked to their kids over a messy room then no one would ever see their children again.

Tasha says the mess was only 50% hers with the rest being Eric’s. She also says Leida had no right to snoop in her room. Eric mansplains to Tasha that she has a magic bedroom door that opens by itself, and somehow sucks Leida into the messy room. Not kidding. That’s pretty much how Eric explained his wife invading Tasha’s room and privacy.

Eric Continues to Trash Daughter on ‘Tell All’ Part 2

We revisit the whole scene where Leida kicks Tasha out after seeing the mess in her room. The rest of the cast is appalled when Leida calls her a bitch. Eric tells Tasha to get her s*it and get out while Leida holds the phone out for her to hear.

Steven asks whether or not Eric knew that Leida called his kid a bitch. Eric mumbles that he did. He says he had to choose Leida and that Tasha is an adult. Steven recounts his issues with his mother and says it’s not cool. Steven tells Eric that you aren’t really an adult till you’re 25 or 26.

Tasha and Eric are crying as a video of Eric crying over having to choose between Tasha and Leida plays. Tasha gets the final burn by reminding Eric that she never said “its me or your mail order bride”. Eric tells Tasha he loves her but she needs to learn lessons as she signs off. Tasha might have learned her lesson – next time pick a better father.

Mother-Wife Debbie and Cookie Dough Steal the Show

Because you can only have so much on stage fighting before Asuelu bites someone’s ear off, 90 Day Fiance resorts to lots of rehashed footage. We revisit the infamous backyard barbecue where Colt’s cousin John unleashes a tirade on Larissa. His beer breath blowup resulted in the infamous “who is against the Queen will die” clip. Are you listening Fernanda?

Another Tell All staple like red spray painted shoe bottoms (yes Leida – we mean you) are surprise guests popping up via video chat. Up next we have Colt’s mother-wife Debbie. Colt compliments his mother right off the bat telling her she looks cute. See Larissa, he does know how to give true compliments. You just aren’t the right lady.

Flashback to Day Zero in House Coltee

Debbie delights the cast and viewers by hoisting up chubby cat and scene stealer Cookie Dough. Cookie is the latest of the cast to have started a Go Fund Me. We revisit Larissa’s arrival to the Bate’s Motel aka Colt and Debbie’s house. And when Colt greeted Larissa empty-handed at the airport.

She arrived at the couch-less abode to the smell of beef stew. Mother-wife Deb then brags that she has rendered Colt helpless by doing every possible thing for him. We see the stunted Colt eating some sort of hash and eggs while Debbie stares adoringly. Larissa says the two women are fighting like queen bees. Deb drops a bomb and says she’s moving out.

Ashley’s Choice Word For Ex-BFF Natalie

Few things were as satisfying in what some fans think was the worst season ever on 90 Day Fiance as Ashley’s ex-BFF Natalie’s famous scooter roll out. Natalie was never on team Jay. She told Ashley he was cheating on her in Jamaica. She also warned he would cheat again no matter how many Elvis impersonators and cheesy lyric references were involved in their wedding.

Ashley looks as if she’s ready to explode and says Natalie wasn’t right about Jay. Host Shaun calls her out by asking what part of what Natalie said wasn’t true? That he did cheat on you? He will cheat on you? He is cheating on you right now? Ashley who looks like a soccer mom heading to Tuesday night happy hour at Chili’s, calls Nat the C-word.

This after previously schooling Leida and Tasha on the dangers of throwing it around loosely. Apparently it’s best used for anyone who rides up on a scooter to try to save you from the biggest mistake of your life. Jonathan covers young Fernanda’s ears like a protective father when she asks what the word means. It’s a word you don’t need to worry about he says.

Asuelu Dances Us Out of Our Misery On 90 Day Fiance

Host Shaun Robinson reminds us that most of the couples made it to their I-do’s. We see more footage of the weddings and Steven’s proposal to Olga Koshimbetova. She asks Asuelu to dance us out of the Tell All portion. Asuelu obliges and rips off his shirt and puka beads to reveal a bandaged nipple.

TLC has no music from Sam-Wah so the cast claps as he knocks out the traditional dance. Not since Mother Chantel saw that cauldron and chicken feet have a group of people looked more scared on 90 Day Fiance. Just when fans thought it was over, TLC reels us back in like fish on a hook.

Everyone is leaving and we are treated to snippets of their final thoughts. Ashley’s attitude has spilled into the hall down the elevator and into the waiting SUV. She is frustrated that Jay is side-eyeing her and attempting to defend himself. It’s probably time to get out of that dress too as it looks like its cutting off circulation.

Eric and Leida Talk More Smack About Tasha

Eric and Leida walk off still talking about Tasha’s messiness and the magic door that opens itself. Kalani doesn’t like to hear people yelling so she is glad to get the hell outta there.

Fernanda CANNOT stop talking about Larissa. She says Colt’s wife shouldn’t worry about what type of dress she’s wearing. Then Fernanda says the dress made Larissa look like a slut. Jon flares his nostrils and dreams of a six-pack and two hours alone.

Colt and Larissa worry about her court date. Colt just looks plain scary even in khakis and pastels. Steven misses Olga and admits he messed up by dic*ing around on the K1 Visa.

No Rest For The Wicked on 90 Day Fiance

Once again fans of 90 Day Fiance breathed a sigh of relief. This season was like climbing an emotional Mt. Everest but we made it. But TLC would push us right off the cliff. We are going to check up on everyone weeks later. And will begin by showing unedited footage of everyone bashing Colt and Larissa. Fernanda mocks Larissa for wanting to be a model and Ashley chimes in that she doesn’t have the bod for it.

Steven actually calls Fernanda out for stooping to Larissa’s level because she started it. Fernanda acts like a sanctimonious brat and mocks Larissa’s accent. Larissa calls out Jay and Ashley for being two-faced and playing all sides. Asuelu has learned a full vocabulary of swear words. TLC didn’t want to pay the editors overtime and instead just gave up bleeping them out.  He thinks Larissa and Colt are f*cking boo-holes.

Steven and Eric revisit their argument of when somebody becomes an adult on 90 Day Fiance. Eric plays the “this generation is nothing but spoiled snowflakes” card. He reminds us at 18 you can serve your country, die and vote. Meanwhile he married someone who had servants to do everything but wipe her *ss.

Ashley And Jay On The Fence – Jon and Fernanda Split on 90 Day Fiance

We close 90 Day Fiance with an update on Ashley and Jay. Apparently all the Hobby Lobby inspirational plaques in the world can’t fix this. Ashley is angry and unhappy that an admittedly promiscuous 20-year-old wasn’t ready for a white picket fence and matching monogrammed robes. She still hasn’t filled out the paperwork for him to stay and isn’t sure she will.

The producer would like a one-on-one with Jay. He asks if he thinks he can mend things. Jay says he is jobless and clueless but he could take her along maybe when he makes a midnight Big Mac run.

The show wraps with an onscreen update that Jonathan and Fernanda are now separated. Larissa was arrested for a third domestic violence assault and Colt Johnson has filed for divorce.

In happier news, previews for a new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After show that Chantel and Pedro are returning along with the infamous Family Chantel! Hold my rings, things are about to get a lot more stupider!

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