’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca and Zied Ride Off Into The Sunset – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance, Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi make it official with a horse drawn carriage and a unique way of saying I do. Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have a cute ceremony complete with vows in both languages. Natalie Mordovtseva struggles in limbo as Mike Youngquist can’t make up his mind. Jovi Dufren is trying to be a better man to his bride-to-be Yara Zaya. And Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan also say I do. Grab some bubbly and let’s toast to who did and who didn’t in season 8 episode 16 Second Guessing. 

Rebecca And Zied Say I Do On 90 Day Fiance

Rebecca Parrott is sitting for her hair and makeup. Her daughter Tiffany is the one getting her mom wedding ready. She asks if Rebecca is sure about marrying Zied Hakimi. Rebecca says yes but admits it’s not how she expected to feel on her fourth trip down the aisle. Zied on the other hand is feeling excited about his look and the day in general. He’s doing his own hair and rocking his red jacket and Target pants.

Others aren’t so pumped about Rebecca marrying her 90 Day Fiance Zied. Namely Micah, who is her daughter Tiffany’s husband. He tells producers that Zied better not do anything stupid. Rebecca has solved the problem of her dress not fitting by putting a corset over it. Rebecca rolls up to wedding number 4 in a horse drawn carriage like a royal. Well, if the guests wore wallet chains and dipped Skoal during the ceremony.

One light that can’t be dimmed by the bride’s cynical family is Zied. He is thrilled to see Rebecca. Almost as much as he is the horses. The officiant speaks of the long term commitment of marriage. Using the example of old wrinkly hands that will one day reach for yours. Zied is a little confused as this is kind of already the case. He also says “yeah” instead of “I do”. Rebecca then adds a yeah to her “I do.” And off they ride into the sunset in their lovely carriage. So maaach perfect.

Brandon And Julia Make It Cute

Julia Trubkina is arranging flowers for her upcoming wedding to 90 Day Fiance Brandon Gibbs. While the goats and chickens graze, Julia is feeling frustrated with Brandon. She asks him to help hold the flowers and Brandon is not taking it too serious. She yells at him and he admits to producers he’s having some doubts. Julia also is having some second thoughts and suggests that just because they marry it doesn’t mean they can’t divorce if things don’t work out.

Brandon steps up and tells her that he does really love her and that after tomorrow’s wedding she’ll never be sad again. Julia cries over the cuteness of it all in her cat ear headband. Brandon decides to take it a step further and turn the bathroom into a “spa”. Of course with the help of Mr. Bubble and dim lighting to hide dad Ron’s back loofah hanging on the door. We fade out to Brandon and Julia disappearing into a sea of bubbles.

The wedding day is here and Julia looks adorable in her short dress and kicks. They each recite vows in each other’s native languages while mom Betty Gibbs records on her iPhone and Julia’s parents watch via video chat. Honestly this wedding was at least an 8 in a sea of ill-fitted awkward nuptials that 90 Day Fiance is famous for. In the end everyone seems pretty damn happy and even the crickets are in sync on this fine day. Congrats Brandon and Julia.

Natalie Is Forced To Return To Sequim on 90 Day Fiance

Things went from bad to worse fast for Natalie Mordovtseva after Mike Youngquist got cold feet. Natalie is with Mike’s neighbor Tamara in Seattle trying to check into a hotel that Mike paid for. But things aren’t getting better anytime soon for Natalie. Because the clerk won’t check them in without Mike’s ID since he paid for the room. The exhausted Tamara now has to drive Natalie and her hair 3 hours back to Mike’s house and dump her on his doorstep because she doesn’t have room. Ok.

Natalie is self documenting this whole process for 90 Day Fiance. She’s hysterical and the camera work outside back at the house is like The Blair Witch Project. Mike demands all filming stop after he lets her in. In the morning Natalie’s hair has grown so large that it overtakes the living room while she tells the world her plight. Marry this passive aggressive bohunk or be illegal. She asks Mike if they can talk and he looks like he just wants to pass gas in peace but says ok.

He suggests talking to an attorney to see if she can stay without him marrying her. The attorney doesn’t recommend it and suggests they just get married already. Natalie starts blubbering to the lawyer that Mike is the bad guy who called things off and she will be a laughing stock. The attorney gives zero figs about this. And again we leave with this couple in limbo with Uncle Beau now outside sleeping in his car. You were so close Beau.

Jovi And Yara Take A Gamble On Their Future

Jovi Dufren and pals are soaking up all Vegas has to offer. The boys crack open some morning brews and hit the blackjack table. Jovi’s 90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya joins in and just wants water. Since his bros don’t know she’s preggo they just think she’s being a buzzkill. Yara doesn’t help her approval rating by telling them she will live longer than them for not imbibing. Yara does lighten up a little and even tries a hand at blackjack.

The party is cut short because the pair don’t have wedding rings yet and Jovi doesn’t have a tux. Take it from Zied, you can always just grab slacks at Target along with a snack and a new bath mat. Jovi’s parents tag along for the ring shopping. Jovi is already immature but when mom and dad appear he gets stuck in early adolescence. Yara wants a pricier ring and Jovi kicks the ground, stuffs his hands in his pockets and pouts.

On 90 Day Fiance Yara has an unlikely ally in Jovi’s mom Gwen. Who suggests the ring is important and not a time to skimp. Jovi agrees to Yara’s ring but has fashioned his own from the pop top off his Bud Light. So it’s off to Tuxedo World. His dad and buddy Kline tag along for the fitting. While Jovi gets fitted his dad and Kline discuss whether Jovi is ready to tie the knot. He is a little tired of everyone questioning him. And we leave the episode with things still up in the air for this couple.

Hazel and Tarik Make It Official On 90 Day Fiance

And finally, Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers make the most of pandemic restrictions and have a lovely ceremony outside. Tarik has found himself wearing many hats on his wedding day. But the most important one seems to be dad. Tarik’s BFF Angela is helping Hazel as well as serving as the officiant. Hazel is happy yet sad. She misses her son and can’t help but worry that her parents may not view the Zoom version of the wedding.

Hazel just recently told her parents that she is bisexual. And isn’t sure how they are dealing with it. Luckily they join in just in time to see Hazel walk down the aisle. Tarik and daughter Auri have sprinkled flower petals along the way and it’s all very lovely. Tarik’s mom is there too over video chat. So this long time 90 Day Fiance couple have made it official. A long way from that cheesy proposal on the beach. That’s a wrap till next time!

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