’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Says She’s a ‘Gift From God’ to Zied [Video]

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Rebecca Parrott talked about scenes filmed with Zied Hakimi that TLC didn’t air. While the 48-year-old Rebecca filmed her daily makeup routine, she also chattered on about her relationship and then diverged into a little bit of a rant session on the side.

She talked about whether she and her much younger Tunisian lover would have children. Then, she clapped back at people trying to slide into Zied’s DMs hitting on him. Keep scrolling to see what Rebecca Parrott had to say.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Makeup Tutorial Turns Into Rant Session

Rebecca Parrott posted a video online that explains a few things. For one, now we know her makeup routine. And she claims she’s not using Botox, but some other facial products. But, Rebecca also dropped some info for 90 Day Fiance fans accusing her of ruining her Tunisian boyfriend Zied Hakimi’s life. The main argument being that she doesn’t want to have children and her 90 Day Fiance does.

Since Rebecca Parrott has older children and seven grandkids, she isn’t looking to have any more, especially at her age of nearly 50. Yet, as fans know, Zied Hakimi’s much younger and has no kids. Rebecca says he’d make a great father. “It broke my heart,” Rebecca said, “this man needs to have children”. She even admitted to trying to split with Zied “more than once in the beginning” of their 90 Day Fiance journey.

Rebecca Defends Herself – Reveals Unseen Events With Zied Hakimi

According to Rebecca Parrott, she and Zied had a deep discussion filmed by TLC about whether they’d have kids. But these convos didn’t air on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Rebecca said she worried the child issue might make or break their relationship. She said she wanted to be truthful with Zied. So, he knew what he was getting into.

While TLC didn’t include these chats on their episodes, Rebecca retold what happened while applying her makeup. “I’m not an evil person,” she told viewers. But,  “if I need to walk away from him it would kill me”. So, Zied and Rebecca sat down and hashed it out, trying to figure out where they both stood and if their relationship was going anywhere on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca is “God’s Gift” to Zied

When Rebecca Parrott tried to make sure he was happy not having children, she says Zied got very emotional. He told her, “My God want me to be with you. You cannot have children. My God doesn’t want me to have children. It’s not my choice, it’s my God’s choice. It makes me happy”.

Then, she added that Zied told her, “My God give me you [Rebecca] as a gift”. So, it appears that Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrott are moving forward with their relationship, despite all the criticism thrown their way. Be sure to watch 90 Day Fiance airs Sunday at 8 pm on TLC. And stay tuned for updates on Rebecca Parrott’s ongoing legal issues related to her back child support.

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