’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Insists Zied Hakimi Is Not Abusive

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Rebecca Parrott is not taking criticism against Zied Hakimi lightly. The 47-year-old from Canton, Georgia stood by her man amid abuse allegations thrown at him. Rebecca said that Zied was never abusive towards her, and seems to blame the show’s “misleading” preview.

90 Day Fiance Update: Rebecca Parrott Defends Zied Hakimi – Claims He’s Not Abusive

Rebecca Parrott has had enough of people labeling Zied Hakimi as abusive. The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star wants to clear up the issue before it gets out of hand. In a lengthy Instagram post, Rebecca defended Zied, said he was not and would never be abusive.

Rebecca pointed out that spreading such allegations will do Zied no good. In a statement she said that “Zied [Hakimi] has NEVER [she used all caps] been abusive” and she he would “NEVER [all caps again] be abusive”,  She also told fans that it’s a dangerous subject to make such light comments about and it really needs to finally stop.

TLC Star Says 90 Day Fiance Trail Was Very Misleading

In the same post on IG, Rebecca Parrott said that the recent 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days preview was very misleading. She said that it made Zied Hakimi look like he was abusing her. In the clip, Zied placed his hand on Rebecca’s neck. Some fans think it looks as if he’s putting her in a chokehold and  Rebecca is struggling to get free.

However, Rebecca said Zied wasn’t hurting her. Rebecca explained that if you see the entire uncut scene, then it’s clear that Zied was simply apologizing and she was actually the one that was angry and pulled away. This wouldn’t be the first time that TLC aired a dramatic preview for 90 Day Fiance that later turned out to be a nothing-burger.

This is not the first time Rebecca Parrott feels dismayed over the show’s portrayal of Zied Hakimi. Previously, she defended her much younger boyfriend from haters criticizing him. Zied received backlash over a remark about his age gap with Rebecca, referring to her as a grandmother. She says that Zied’s comment was taken out of context. She added that their age difference was never an issue between them.

Rebecca Maintains Her Stand Against Domestic Violence

Rebecca Parrott acknowledged that creating “drama” is part of being on reality TV. However, the 90 Day Fiance star reiterates that Zied Hakimi’s portrayal on the show is not accurate at all. She added that she will not allow any form of violence in her life, especially after her past experiences.

“As an abuse survivor in previous relationships, I would never allow this, and would never make excuses for it,” Rebecca Parrott added. Additionally, she reminds other women that it’s not okay to be in an abusive relationship and that they should leave when things get violent.

“As there are women watching in actually dangerous relationships that think if I’m staying with this man, it’s okay for them to,” she wrote. “It is never okay to be in any relationship that is even slightly abusive”. So far, Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi’s relationship seems to be on the right track despite all the criticism and controversy.

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