’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Crosses Legal Lines Again?

90 Day Fiance wife Rebecca Parrott is no stranger to both sides of the law but is Zied Hakimi’s lady playing with fire when it comes to a new project? Several people accused Rebecca of theft, but she claimed innocence. So, what is the ex-PI doing that’s got people riled up against her?

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Cleaned up Legal Mess Before Husband Arrived in US

It’s been a year since Rebecca Parrott faced the music over unpaid child support she owed her ex-husband. She owed more than $5,000 to her ex that lingered since 2014 unpaid. Rebecca’s original agreement was to pay $325 a month, but court records show she didn’t take care of it.

The 90 Day Fiance spouse paid $1,200, making only what they called “partial” and “sporadic” payments. And as of July 2018, Rebecca made no payments, according to the case. Then, in June 2019, Rebecca Parrot’s former husband filed a contempt case. The debt had then amassed to $6,500.

The court demanded that Rebecca clean up the debt by March 2020. Plus, the judge said he’d issue a warrant for Rebecca’s arrest if she failed to make any payments. She satisfied the debt in March. So, Rebecca Parrott finally paid her back child support and closed that legal matter. Now, another one looms.

Zied Hakimi’s Wife Sparks A Legal Debate – Accusations of Theft

A few weeks after Rebecca Parrott finally took care of her back child support, Zied arrived in the US to marry her. We broke the news that she married her 90 Day Fiance in April 2020 (you can see the marriage license here). Eight months later, Rebecca may be headed for another legal situation.

Recently, Rebecca Parrot began promoting an online clothing store she started with her daughter, Tiffany. However, 90 Day Fiance fans quickly saw problems. The store name is “Gypsy and Jagger,” and their logo seems easily confused with the Rolling Stones iconic logo. So, readers gave Rebecca some advice that set her off.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott

Fans of 90 Day Fiance flipped out when they saw it. One said she “literally stole the Rolling Stones logo,” and another said they thought it was “copyright infringement?” Rebecca Parrott clapped back on all, insisting they had a license and it’s “different enough that it won’t be an issue.” See their symbol above right and the copyright for the Stones’ above left.

Persistent commenters disagreed and warned Rebecca that she’d “never be able to pull that off” and said they’d be slapped “with a cease and desist FAST.” Another called the image the 90 Day Fiance star planned to use “globally recognized” and especially problematic “combined with Jagger in the name.”

Mick Jagger is the lead singer and a founding member of the Rolling Stones. So, many feel that combining the name Jagger with a look-a-like Rolling Stones logo can create a confusion.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott

90 Day Fiance’s Rebecca Changes Tactics – But is she Still on the Wrong Side of the Law?

Although Rebecca Parrott insisted, “we won’t have an issue,” she changed her store’s logo to a Southwestern-style cattle skull. But, Rebecca said they changed the logo because they didn’t want “to deal with answering that so much.”

That’s an interesting statement because it shows 90 Day Fiance celeb Rebecca Parrott is aware that she’d used a graphic that looked like the famous rock band’s. A major element of copyright infringement cases is when it creates “confusion” between brands – as the 90 Day Fiance celebrity seemed to acknowledge.

So, Rebecca Parrott swapped out the main design for her store. But she still has an item for sale in the shop featuring what appears to be a knock-off. See above (left) a shirt being sold on the 90 Day Fiance bride’s site. It’s essentially the iconic “lips and tongue” logo reversed. To make things worse, simply reversing the image and making a mirror image could also be a problem. The Rolling Stones have also used the reverse image of their logo on occasion.

Next to it (on the right), you can see an official Stones t-shirt showing different versions of their brand over the years. Below is a statement from the band on how seriously they take the defense of their intellectual property. If she keeps selling these logo t-shirts, it seems like there’s a potential for legal trouble for Rebecca Parrott.

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