’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Burns as Young Hottie Flirts with Zied Hakimi [Recap]

90 Day Fiance bride Rebecca Parrott isn’t too happy when a young hottie gets too friendly with Zied Hakimi. Natalie Mordovtseva drags Mike Youngquist into couples therapy. Yara Zaya doesn’t appreciate Jovi Dufren’s family dissing Ukrainian women. And Stephanie Davison teaches Ryan Carr to hula but can’t get any action. Boil crawfish and crack a beer for this deep dive into season 8 episode 10 The Devil’s Work.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Sees Green Over Zied Hakimi

90 Day Fiance Zied Hakimi FaceTimes with his niece and nephew back home in Tunisia. Zied misses the kiddos and spends long days alone while Rebecca Parrott works. But Rebecca comes home with a surprise for Zied. While Zied Hakimi was hoping for a couch, it turned out to be temporary tattoos. That way Zied could flirt with a cultural taboo without a full commitment. Zied thinks the tattoos are funny.

Then, 90 Day Fiance‘s Rebecca Parrott wants to know if Zied wants them exposed when they go out to dinner with her family. Zied says no because he senses fake tats are pathetic. Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany and her fiance brought some friends to join them for dinner. And one happens to be a hot young girl who is very interested in Zied Hakimi and life in Tunisia, annoying Rebecca Parrott.

90 Day Fiance: Zied Hakimi - Before the 90 Days

She asks Zied about the cultural differences. And Zied Hakimi’s thrilled to be asked about something other than when he’s getting a job. The 90 Day Fiance blurts out that PDA is against the law where he is from. This leads to another random friend at the table to tell a story about two people getting it on outside on a bench in broad daylight.

Rebecca Parrott changes the subject to how her 90 Day Fiance needs to start moving stuff from storage into the apartment. The actress playing “young girl interested in Zied” offers trucks and a helping hand. Then Rebecca Parrott chews off half her bottom lip and says this not appropriate. Don’t worry Rebecca – once she sees Zied Hakimi’s temporary tattoos – the thrill will be gone.

Yara Defends Her Country After Motives Questioned

90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya proves she’s definitely not afraid to stand her ground. Things got messy fast at the Dufren house when Jovi’s mom dissed Ukrainian women. The couple are there for an engagement party arranged by Jovi’s mom against Yara’s wishes. It seems Yara Zaya feels bad having a big celebration without her family there.

Mother Jovi conveniently lied to her son’s 90 Day Fiance about the size of the party. Plus, she doesn’t know that Yara Zaya is pregnant. It’s the first time that Yara meets Jovi’s dad, Monty. And he quickly shames Yara for the way she dresses. He says she shows a lot of skin on her Instagram and that could send the wrong message to drunks on Bourbon Street. Or dads who creep on their future daughter-in-law’s IG.

Jovi’s mom, Gwen, who is a rock-solid member of the 90 Day Fiance club of women “raising emotionally stunted mama’s boys” also weighs in with her thoughts on those pesky Ukrainian women. It seems she’s heard that these types of scantily clad women with catchy names that end with an A routinely troll the internet for naive good old boys to get them over to America so they can dump them once they arrive.

Yara Zaya’ss offended by such stereotyping and suggests it’s no different than the way people in other countries think Americans are stupid. This makes Gwen’s eye twitch and she decides they should all abandon Yara at this point for decorating and day drinking. Wait til she finds out Jovi Dufren got her preggo and there’s a 90 Day Fiance tot on the way.

Jovi Roasted By Pals at The Crawfish Boil on 90 Day Fiance

Jovi and the rents can’t get out of the driveway fast enough on 90 Day Fiance. He and his dad have beers to drink and red mudbugs to chew. And Gwen can’t wait to poke fun of Yara by wondering if it was safe to leave her in the house alone. As if Yara may try to steal her stash of creole seasoning or the latest copy of Cajun Living. Dad jumps in on the fun too but Jovi Dufren stands up for his bride-to-be.

At the crawfish boil, the guys suck crustaceans and Bud Lights. Jovi’s pals rib him about Yara Zaya. They take bets the marriage will be short-lived or Yara jumps ship as soon as she gets her green card. Jovi’s the only one who knows Yara is pregnant, so he thinks he’ll have the last laugh. Later he and Yara fight over his drinking. He’s gonna need more beer once she gets there and sees how many people showed on 90 Day Fiance.

Natalie And Mike Head to Therapy

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva bicker over dinner prep. Natalie wants to cut her own veggies and declares her hatred for butter, that vile yellow spread. The only thing she hates worse than butter is beer and maybe her 90 Day Fiance. She wants a wedding dress dammit. Now. But Mike’s too busy panicking to care because he’s only got one beer left. And Mike tells Natalie he’s just not ready yet.

Natalie suggests couples therapy (or is told to by 90 Day Fiance production after they cast a “therapist”). It’s a Simon Cowell-level “NO” from Mike. Later, Mike heads to see hairstylist Jane for a fresh cut. She asks how things are going. And Mike Youngquist admits he’s on the fence. He’s happy and even flirty as she teases him about going on a date. Mike tells her about Natalie’s therapy idea and she says give it a go.

Mike’s open to it now that it isn’t coming from a butter-hating teetotaler. 90 Day Fiance is no stranger to awkward moments but the therapy scene with Mike and Natalie certainly lowered the bar. Natalie speaks through a clenched jaw about her hatred of living in the wood. Mike keeps his Bluetooth on and makes a mental note to stop for a six-pack at the quickie mart. Mike tells the therapist they just aren’t in love anymore. Natalie is shocked. Better make it a case of brews, Mike.

Stephanie Gives Ryan a Lesson in Hula Hooping on 90 Day Fiance

Stephanie Davison is on a mission. Besides getting Ryann Carr, her 27-year-old 90 Day Fiance, to engage in banging and bonding, she’s trying to nab a world record. She’s aiming to take the Guiness Book hula hooping title. She teaches Ryan Carr the basics and he catches on pretty quick. Stephanie Davison is relieved that he now knows she slept with his cousin and things seem more relaxed.

So she quickly changes the mood by bringing up that 90 Day Fiance Ryan’s mom blocked her number. It seems Stephanie didn’t think she was appreciative of the last batch of cash she sent – so she asked for it back. Ryan says his family shouldn’t bow down to Stephanie. Ryan says if she uses her cash to control him and his family, he’ll break their engagement.

Then he tells Stephanie that his mom will stay out of her hair and she should do the same in return. Later, over margaritas and dinner on 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie brings up her personal psychic Maria. The seer says Ryan will leave Stephanie for a younger woman. Ryan suggests that this kind of stuff is the “devil’s work”.

Really this may just be a housewife in Michigan with a deck of cards and a Magic 8 Ball for back up. The two head to the room and Stephanie hopes for some action from her 90 Day Fiance. But we see a chaotic scene four hours later of Ryan leaving and Stephanie calling up cousin Harris to the rescue.

Tarik and Hazel Struggle With Quarantine Lockdown

Tarik Myers is frustrated with the pandemic lockdown. He waited a long time to show his 90 Day Fiance Hazel Cagalitan the sights and sounds of Virginia Beach. And now they are stuck inside. Hazel slogs on an elliptical with even less enthusiasm than Mike Youngquist in therapy. She casually mentions that her son Harrey has a fever according to his stepmom in the Philippines.

Tarik tries to comfort her but she doesn’t want to talk about it on 90 Day Fiance. Later, Hazel Cagalitan video chats with Harrey’s stepmom and is relieved to see that Harrey is just fine. He even jumps on the call and talks with Tarik’s daughter Ari. Tarik suggests that Harrey guzzle orange juice to stay healthy. Hazel reminds him that they probably can’t afford to keep Harrey hydrated on Tropicana.

Then, Tarik Myers teaches him jumping jacks instead. And Hazel sadly realizes that it will be a long time before she can see him and bring him to America. However, we know from Tarik’s recent bankruptcy documents that he’s paying support to help with Hazel’s son.

Andrew Kenton Returns Home Solo On 90 Day Fiance

Andrew Kenton is finally leaving Mexico with some sunburn and souvenirs but without his 90 Day Fiance, Amira Lollysa. His mom picks him up at the airport with a hug and some solid advice. Stop wasting money on this international wild goose chase during a pandemic. Andrew isn’t giving up hope just yet and has hatched a plan that involves Serbia and a lack of compassion for what Amira went through already.

Once he’s home on 90 Day Fiance, the dog is excited to see Andrew but he mopes when he sees the giant stuffed bear that sits on the bed. It seems he first gifted the bear to Amira in Las Vegas. And she named it Garrett – shortened to Gare Bear. Andrew considers snuggling up to the toy in Amira’s absence. But it obviously was too much to bear (pun intended). So the toy gets callously thrown in the closet.

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