’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Parrott Asks Fans to Leave Daughter & Son-in-Law Alone

90 Day Fiance star Rebecca Parrott asked viewers to leave her daughter, Tiffany Smith and her husband, Micah Smith alone. They have been receiving mean messages for their behavior towards Zied Hakimi on the show. Rebecca knows that they only want what’s best for her. So, she stood up for them and addressed the hate.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott Stands up for Tiffany & Micah Smith

On the latest 90 Day Fiance episode, Rebecca Parrott reunites with her foreign lover Zied Hakimi. She had her daughter, Tiffany Smith and her son-in-law, Micah Smith, by her side as she welcomed Zied to America. Tiffany and Micah are very protective of Rebecca. They don’t want to see her go down the same path she did with her Moroccan ex-husband. So, they tagged along for Zied’s first day in the country. They also didn’t hesitate to ask Zied many questions about his plans.

However, some 90 Day Fiance viewers thought it was a little too soon for Tiffany Smith and Micah Smith to ask Zied Hakimi all those questions. According to Rebecca Parrott, Tiffany and Micah got many hateful messages from viewers for their actions on the show.  She said that Tiffany and Micah weren’t involved in her past relationship and only saw the worse. She also said that they had never met Zied before. So, they didn’t know much about him.

Rebecca Parrott wants fans to understand that Tiffany Smith and Micah Smith are only being protective. She said that Tiffany is a “sweetheart” and has the “biggest heart in the world.” As for Micah, he was only looking out for Rebecca’s best interest. She said that they are “really good people” and that everyone should “be nice” to them.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott

Rebecca Parrott Tells Fans to Continue to Watch Story-line

Rebecca Parrott believes that it’s not always what it looks like when it comes to reality television. The 90 Day Fiance cast member said that it tends to look “the very worst it possibly could.” Tiffany Smith and her husband, Micah Smith, were on Zied Hakimi’s case, but there seems to be more to the story.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star told viewers to continue to watch the show. Rebecca Parrott said to give it more time and see how their storyline plays out. There is more to come from the TLC pair. But, will Tiffany and Micah get along with Zied Hakimi?

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott - Zied Hakimi - Tiffany Smith - Micah Smith

90 Day Fiance Celeb Thankful for Supportive Fans

Rebecca Parrott is thankful for all the support she and Zied Hakimi get from fans. She said that she and Zied are fortunate to have “amazing followers” that care and worry about them and their story. Rebecca feels lucky to have that support. However, Tiffany Smith is her daughter, and she is going to stand up for her.

Rebecca Parrott from 90 Day Fiance now has three months to marry Zied Hakimi (on the show). In real time, Soap Dirt broke the story in April 2020 that the two are already married. However, it doesn’t look like an easy road ahead for the two. On the show, Zied tries to hurry up the wedding, while Rebecca’s family continues to question their relationship.

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