’90 Day Fiance’: Rebecca Faked Approval Scene? Immigration Lawyer Spills Beans

90 Day Fiance‘s Rebecca Parrott checked Zied Hakimi‘s K-1 status on the episode last week — but was this all just scripted for reality TV? But after viewers called them out for faking, she clapped back with a denial. But, an immigration lawyer hit back at what some are saying were staged scenes. Were these recreated for TLC cameras?

Rebecca Parrott Perfect Timing of Visa Reveal on 90 Day Fiance Episode?

In recent scenes, Rebecca Parrott, now-wife of Zied Hakimi, whipped out her tablet while on a park bench to check-in on the status of their K-1 case. As she talked to the cameras, Rebecca said it’s been “really tough” waiting and said the USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration) site gives updates.

That is, of course, very true. But what happened next, shown on her device, triggered accusations of 90 Day Fiance scene-staging. Rebecca Parrott said she constantly refreshed the site and it says “administrative processing.” Then she sat there hitting the refresh icon on repeat.

Rebecca gasped “oh my God” on 90 Day Fiance. Producers asked what she “just found out.” Rebecca Parrott said “the case was approved.” And she called Zied to tell him. So, incredibly, the producers were right there for that pivotal reveal. But experts don’t buy it.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott

Zied Hakimi’s Wife Defends Scenes – But Immigration Lawyer Calls Shenanigans

After the 90 Day Fiance show aired capturing the incredibly fortunate timing of the producers filming that reveal, doubts arose. There were also doubts about scenes of the embassy taking Zied’s passport. Rebecca clapped back on “staged or fake” moments.

Rebecca insisted the 90 Day Fiance scene “was real” and that they did indeed take Zied’s passport and “told him to come back in 7 days.” Then, she said it was Zied that told Rebecca to look at his status online and she “constantly checked.” She insisted she was “excited” to tell him.

So, it looks like Rebecca Parrott’s insisting these scenes are legit. However, an insider that knows the 90 Day Fiance process says it’s just not true and the show itself proves it. The screenshot above from the show is critical to the expert opinion on what they say are staged moments.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Parrott


Expert Shoots Holes in Rebecca’s 90 Day Fiance Timeline and Says it Makes “No Sense”

On the TLC show, Rebecca Parrott refreshed the screen repeatedly. And then she announced their visa was approved. But what’s on-screen differed drastically. An immigration attorney clarified the I-129 she showed is only stage one. After that’s done, they send more documents. And then the embassy interview comes months later.

The lawyer implied the 90 Day Fiance scene was bogus because there is “never” a visa interview before the I-129’s granted. And the government approving a I-129 doesn’t mean that the K-1 visa is done “in any way,” per the expert.

Also, someone else chimed in. They called out “inconsistencies” in what TLC aired. The commenter completed the 90 Day Fiance process. They said USCIS’s website doesn’t even show final approval – it’s another site altogether. The person accused TLC of “a recreated scene” with Rebecca Parrott.

Filming Timeline Off Too for Rebecca & Zied on 90 Day Fiance

Also, the filming order doesn’t align either. Sharp filmed these scenes likely right around the time he came to America. We exclusively broke the news that Zied Hakimi was in the US in April and we also were first to expose their wedding that happened during the quarantine.

Lockdown shut down filming but re-opened around then in Atlanta. Prior to then, Rebecca wouldn’t have been able to film with a crew in Georgia. And even the wedding venue, as we confirmed, had limited filming because of the virus.

So, how much of this was all staged with Rebecca for drama? The immigration expert says the approval they showed on TLC was not the visa approval. So, are more denials ahead from Zied and Rebecca Parrott?

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