’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel and Jon Spin Words for Visa Money – Now Another Show?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars Rachel Bear and Jon Walters are tailor-made for the modern-day “fairy tale” offered on the TLC show. While the couple’s 90 Day Fiance season is over, Rachel’s recent interview hints to a possible return to the franchise of shows.

No matter how many obstacles stand in this couple’s way, Rachel and Jon are determined. This couple is bound to make their marriage work – in America. But that takes money, which they don’t have.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Rachel Bear and Jon Walters

Two Go-Fund-Me pages set up for Rachel and Jon shut down just hours after they went up. So, the easiest avenue for fans to help them financially is gone. Or is it?

Rachel and Jon requested the removal of the two Go-Fund-Me pages started by the fans. When the sites went up critics jumped on this news and ripped the couple into pieces on the social media sites. The 90 Day Fiance couple asked to have the Go-Fund Me accounts taken down. It’s not know if it’s because they thought the pages were scam pages or because the couple wanted to start their own GFM page.

Rachel Bear may set up her own Go-Fund-Me page like it seems she’s done in the past when she wants money.

But, it looks like Rachel Bear and Jon Walters found another way to get cash from their fans. It involves selling themselves in short audio clips and make the money they need for Jon’s visa.


90 Day Fiance – Get Jon Walters to the US

With the couple already wed, many fans wanted to help Rachel Bear and her now husband, Jon Walters, follow their dream. That’s the dream of getting Jon to the US on a spousal visa and having him under the same roof as Rachel Bear. And of course baby Lucy.


Before the 90 Days – Jon Walters to US Solution?

John Yates spoke with Rachel Bear recently and posted more on the international couple’s newest venture. It is that allows fans to help with their money problems plus it gives the fans something in return.

With Jon Walters in the UK, Rachel Bear is in the US just waiting for the day they can live under one roof. Today it looks like there’s a solution to their biggest obstacle, which is a lack of money.

Rachel and Jon found their way to the Cameo app. It’s a site where their fans can request personalized video messages from their favorite celebs and reality TV stars. In exchange for a fee, you can get a personal message from any one of the celebrities signed up for this.

Rachel Bear and Husband Jon Walters Offer Messages

Rachel and Jon charge $30 each to record a personal message for individual fans. According to In Touch Magazine, Rachel reports that the fans have been wonderful and enthusiastic about this offer. Along with the $30 fee, fans are also tipping her for this service. One fan gave Rachel an extra $50 tip for her message on top of the regular fee of $30.

90 Day Fiance – Do It Again?

When asked if she’d do the show again, Rachel said it was a “blessing in disguise.” And… yes they probably would. The couple is beyond 90 Day Fiance since they’re now a married couple. But Happily Ever After or What Next might be future possibilities for this fan-favorite couple.

According to an inside source at TLC, while Rachel is hinting to another show, they’ve already signed on to another 90 Day Fiance franchise show. TLC has not confirmed this report.

So it looks like Rachel and Jon are selling themselves in these little short audio clips to pave their way to togetherness! It also looks like the adorable little Lucy is getting closer to having the man she calls “da-da” with her in their American home.

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