’90 Day Fiance’ Rachel Out of Control: Accuses Paul, Bullies Cast, Goads Angela – Explosive Tell All Behind the Scenes Spoilers

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All airs tonight and Rachel Bear was out of control. Fans saw trash man Jon Walters’ wife provoke Angela Deem in the 90 Day Fiance Tell All promo, but what went on behind the scenes was even more inflammatory. She even accused Paul Staehle of stealing from her. Our inside source at that was there requested anonymity then had lots to say about what went on backstage.

Rachel Bear’s Diva Antics – 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Behind the Scenes

The set insider told Soap Dirt that Rachel Bear tormented the cast. Her husband, unemployed sanitation worker Jon Walters, wasn’t there. But she was reportedly making trouble enough for two. The source said Rachel bossed the other cast members because she wanted a quiet place to let Lucy Bear nap.

TLC offered her a private room so little Lucy could nap in peace, but the source says Rachel said it wasn’t “good enough”. Instead, she wanted the larger green room that everyone was sharing. The source told us, “Rachel demanded all the cast members leave the green room in order for her baby to sleep.”

Before the 90 Days Accusations – Rachel Says Paul Staehle Stole From Her!

The on scene source also said that Rachel Bear accused Karine Martin’s husband Paul Staehle of stealing her clothes. Although when the alleged incident happened, she was the only one in the green room because she kicked everyone out because of Lucy. Our insider says, “The clothes were found in his bag, on top of everything” and says his water bottle that was on top of the bag was moved.

The implication from these events was that Rachel set the scene up to create drama since Paul could not have done so as he wasn’t even in the room when the items were allegedly taken. Of course, it seems like there is a reason that Rachel feels like she can act like a prima donna on set. Insiders say Sharp Productions (the company that makes the show) is giving her and Jon Walters special treatment.

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Will Rachel Bear & Jon Walters’ Nasty Treatment of Fans Get Them Booted?

A 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days source told us two weeks ago that Sharp Productions renewed Rachel Bear and her husband Jon Walters for another season. However, since then, Jon and Rachel’s behavior might affect their fate. Rachel and Jon have been cursing at fans and saying horrible things to viewers on social media which might alter their deal. Jon also attacked other cast members on social media.

That could be why both Jon Walters and Rachel Bear recently deleted their Twitter accounts. However, plenty of people screenshotted their outrageously vicious tweets to fans. There’s no such thing as erasing your social media negativity, but it seems they’re trying. Some of Rachel and Jon’s tweets are in the slideshow below.

90 Day Fiance Production Paid for Broke Rachel and Jon’s Wedding

The 90 Day Fiance insider gave SD a tidbit about Rachel Bear and Jon Walter’s wedding. Reportedly, Sharp Productions paid for the event that aired on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. The production company bought the rings, and footed the bill for the wedding, venue, photographer and all the UK expenses for them to get hitched, our source told us.

The photographer alone cost about $2500 meanwhile Jon quit his job to be on his reality TV wedding. Jon and Rachel have at least one confirmed GoFundMe. The TLC insider told us that Jon Walters is prepping a song to try and sell via download to help with their cash crunch. Deleting their Twitter accounts could be an effort to make sure they get to stay on 90 Day Fiance since Jon’s jobless.

90 Day Fiance: Rachel Bear - gofundme

Other Behind the Scenes Dirt from the Tell All Episode

TLC upset Angela Deem by asking about the snail scene says our set source. Then she went postal backstage. Below is behind the scenes footage from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All episode. You hear Angela ranting on the set. She says, “I’m gonna go get me a blowjob. You know. I ain’t had one of them since I fell in love with Michael”.

However, we busted Angela Deem on her relationship with a married man that resulted in back-to-back DUI arrests. Police arrested Angela Deem for her third DUI while she partied with the guy behind Michael’s back. It could be seen as hypocritical for her to rage at Michael when, according to a source in her hometown, she’s been carrying on with this married guy throughout her relationship with Michael.

Our source alleges that Darcey Silva was drunk while they were taping the episode. That aligns with Jesse Meester’s accusation that she drinks too much, but is unconfirmed. Finally, the insider told us that Jesse Meester showed up unannounced and no one knew he was coming.

The other cast members didn’t even initially know he was there. Jesse is pals with Paul Staehle. Our source says it was just the two of them against everyone else when things went sour. There’s a lot of dirt to unpack on tonight’s Tell All. But it sounds like the real drama was behind the scenes. This messy trainwreck airs tonight on TLC. Don’t miss it!

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