’90 Day Fiance’: Queen Larissa vs Everyone – Season Finale Sneak Peek Video

90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina must take on all the cast members (except husband Colt Johnson) on the season finale of the TLC hot mess relationship show. This results in many of the cast walking off the set. This started at the end of the Tell All part one. And now, it looks like the drama hasn’t ceased — it amps up in the season finale. And viewers know what happens to those who are against the queen!

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Fights With Everyone – Sneak Peek Video

Larissa Christina fought with many 90 Day Fiance cast members and it comes to a head on the season finale. The Tell All had a ton of drama that ended with a huge blow up once Larissa and Colt Johnson showed up. First of all, they were seemingly hours late and were only on the last moments of last Sunday’s episode. And boy, did they make an entrance!

Once Larissa Christina sat down, it only took Fernanda Flores about three seconds before the two got into it. After fighting with the whole cast, Larissa and Colt managed to clear the stage. Now, it looks like host Shaun Robinson gets the group back together on stage. But will they even manage to get anything said and done as the tension rises?

90 Day Fiance: Truth or TLC Lies?

Accusations of lies and frauding haunted TLC this season after fans noticed shady goings on with 90 Day Fiance cast. First, there has been the drama between Ashley Martson and Jay Smith. Through all the cheating accusations, rumors revealed that TLC possibly found themselves short a couple as the season began filming. So, the story is they hired them even though they may not be a “real” couple.

Then, there’s all the drama between Larissa Christina and basically the whole cast, as seen on the first part of the Tell All. It seems this will also play out in the season finale! After pictures of Ashley and Larissa (with their respective beaus) went viral, fans began to wonder if there ever was drama between the two ladies.

However, at least one dramatic storyline from the show seems to be real. Leida Margaretha and her issues with Eric Rosenbrook’s daughter Tasha Rosenbrook are not fake. Tasha set the record straight with fans. She said that she really does hate Leida.

90 Day Fiance: Tell-All Part One Hijinks

A lot happened during the first half of the tell-all. Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson triggered the other cast from the moment they sat down. But even before they arrived, there were shouts, tears, and accusations. Ashley and Jay fought viciously about his Tinder habit.

He claimed he was just trying to make friends. Clearly, Ashley blasted him for lying. Colt Johnson went after Jonathan Rivera and said he was dating her when she was 16. Neither seemed to win the argument between each other but the beef was reportedly quashed after the show taped.

90 Day Fiance: Season Finale Airs on Sunday, January 13

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance’s season finale Tell All Part 2 airs this Sunday, on January 13. Will Larissa Christina, Fernanda Flores, and the rest of the cast put aside their differences? Or will they just continue to hate each other?

This season has brought a lot of fireworks for the couples but with possibly more drama behind the scenes than ever before. While some couples split already, some are sticking it out. No doubt the season finale Tell All will end in unresolved angst and anger between the cast members.

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