’90 Day Fiance’: Pregnant Ariela Ignores Family Worries & Jihoon’s Condom Crisis Leaks

90 Day Fiance heats up as a very pregnant Ariela Danielle risks travel to Ethiopia despite her family’s worries. Deavan tries to trust in Jihoon’s word as she treks back to South Korea with her kids and mom. Brittany heads for Jordan with extra baggage, including a husband. And Jenny puts it all on the line again for Sumit. Grab your boarding pass, and let’s start the journey of season 2, episode 3, Heart my Broken. The show airs Mondays on TLC.

Ariela Danielle’s Gonna Be Biniyam’s Second US Baby Mama on 90 Day Fiance

Ariela Danielle sits down with her family for her “last supper” before she moves to Ethiopia to be with Biniyam Shibre and have their baby. Over her mom’s famous meatballs, the fam throws out questions. Specifically — is Biniyam ready for baby number two? He was married to another American and already had a 2 -1/2-year-old son in the states. He hasn’t seen his son and is not on speaking terms with the toddler’s mother. So, of course, this is a bit of a red flag but not for Ariela.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, the apparent question of cultural differences crops up. Ariela Danielle says she won’t convert to Biniyam’s faith — Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. But, she’d rather raise the baby Jewish just like her. Of course, Ariela’s dad wants to know if there will be a Bris (a circumcision ceremony). And they ask why Ariela Danielle didn’t find a nice Jewish boy in Brooklyn. But it’s one baby and a plane ticket too late for that. So Ariele Danielle and her mom will make the journey.

The Other Way: Ariela - Biniyam

Deavan Shares TMI And Returns To SK

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee return to 90 Day Fiance. The couple met online and got preggo right away during Jihoon’s first visit to the states. Deavan says it was the result of a loose condom. She’s stocked up on some extra snug size Trojans as she returns to Asia. But with a slam like that, Jihoon might be a little annoyed. They married in his homeland, and now have baby Taeyang plus Deavan’s daughter Drascilla.

It’s not all one big happy “hamily” just yet though on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Deavan skated out of SK after finding out Jihoon was in debt for a criminal fine for selling hot phones. His mom wasn’t thrilled with her American daughter in law. So, Deavan headed back home to Utah to give Jihoon a chance to get on his feet financially. And even Jihoon’s wise barber says he can sense Jihoon’s lack of motivation.

Back in Utah on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, Deavan plans to return to Asia with her mom. She’s arranged a monthly rental as her mom wonders whether Jihoon can man-up for his family. On video chat, Jihoon gives vague answers about working in tile and occasional deliveries that will net him 6- 7 grand a month. It seems that this also was a bit of a lie based on scenes from next week. That could be part of the rumors they’re split – between the tiny condom crack and the money issues.

Brittany Goes To Jordan With Literally Too Much Baggage on 90 Day Fiance

Yazan is eager for Brittany Banks to get to his hometown of Aman, Jordan. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same. His brother warns him he needs to marry one of his own — meaning local and Muslim. Yazan admits his parents were related. A lot of people in his family were. But he wants to break free of the keep it in the family trend. He loves Brittany and wants her there. Although he admits, she’ll need to change her style to fit in on The Other Way.

Back in Florida, Brittany and her dad head to the airport on 90 Day Fiance. It seems Britt’s dad is smiling but he’s sad to see her go. Plus, she’s still legally married to another guy who got deported – complicating the divorce issue. Yazan knows about the ex but not about the complications with their official split. That’s not the only baggage. Her luggage is overweight too. She ditches an olive green mannequin with her dad, who takes it and goes.

Sumit Prepares For Jenny’s Arrival Yet Again In India

Sumit bought another love shack for him and Jenny Slatten on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. His brother helps him move his things to their pad. He notes that it’s far from the main town. Probably because Sumit would like to live his life with Jenny without family interference. He says his parents still aren’t happy. His brother suggests it’s Jenny’s age. As she is actually older than their mother. Sumit says that it shouldn’t matter. That he’s happy and his brother needs to support him.

Back in Palm Springs, Jenny tries to explain her reasons for going back to India without proof that Sumit’s divorced. Her daughter and wife ask hard questions. So far, Jenny’s yet to produce any paperwork and blames it on an Indian holiday. But Jenny is thrilled and she believes. She says Sumit “chose her.” So she’s willing to head back and take her chances, calling it her “last chance at happiness.”

Kenneth Breaks Down and Tells Kids He’ll Propose To Armando on The Other Way

Kenneth Niedermeier gathers his family for dinner. He’s got a couple of confessions to make before he heads to Mexico to be with Armando Rubio. First up, Armando is only 31. His son’s girlfriend pipes in that that’s the same age as her. After some good natured ribbing, everybody seems okay with the age difference. Especially since Kenneth drinks daily from the fountain of youth. Kenneth has bought a ring and plans to propose.

His daughters are happy for him on 90 Day Fiance. But they worry whether Armando’s family will accept their relationship. As Mexico isn’t as progressive when it comes to gay marriage. Kenneth says he’ll take that chance. Scenes from next week show Armando facing his parents about his relationship with Kenneth. And, he admits he didn’t speak to them for three years after their reacting to his coming out. Be sure to watch The Other Way Mondays at 8 PM on TLC.

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