’90 Day Fiance’: Pedro Jimeno Calls Luis Mendez A Gold-Digger On Social Media

90 Day Fiance cast member Pedro Jimeno called Luis Mendez a gold-digger on social media. Pedro and Luis are both Dominican Republic natives. They both came to American on a K1 Visa. During their time in America they both faced hard times in their relationships. They both also struggled for acceptance by their new families. With so much in common, should Pedro be name-calling Luis?

90 Day Fiance News: Pedro Jimeno Marries For A Green Card?

90 Day Fiance Pedro Jimeno did not have an easy time living in America. He had 90 days to marry his then fiance Chantel Everett. During those 90 days, he had to get to know not only his future wife, but also her family. Chantel’s family was not a fan of Pedro from the very start. They hoped that their daughter would not marry him. However, the couple did get hitched in the end.

During the couple’s appearance on 90 Day Fiance, there were a lot of red flags in their relationship. Pedro was buying expensive items and shipping them to his mom and sister back home. He was also paying the rent for his family’s two-bedroom apartment back in the DR. That was in spite of he and Chantel only being able to afford a one-bedroom apartment for themselves. Once Chantel’s family found out all this information, they were certain he was in it for the green card.

Luis Mendez Not Leaving America

Luis came to America on a K1 Visa. He also had 90 days to marry his then fiance Molly Hopkins. After experiencing many issues in their relationship, the couple got married without her family knowing. However, their relationship did not last. Molly filed for a divorce hoping that Luis would leave America. Since she would be responsible for him for sponsoring him for the K1 Visa.

But 90 Day Fiance Luis Mendez did not leave America. Instead, he found another woman and married her. It is not known if his new wife is American. However, the two did get married in New Jersey. He is also currently still living in the US. So, Molly did not get her wish – and she remains responsible for Luis for ten years.

Pedro And Luis Both Living “Chapiador” Lifestyles?

The 90 Day Fiance stars have both been accused of gold-digger behavior. Pedro Jimeno sent money back home to his family. Even when that meant taking money away from Chantel Everett. Luis Mendez showed no real interest in being in Molly Hopkins’s life.

On 90 Day Fiance, he never wanted to spend time with her children. He knew Molly owned a successful business and he had no intention of leaving America after they split. With her being financially responsibly for him as his sponsor, the money train could keep rolling for years.


Pedro Jimeno Calls Out Luis Mendez

During an Instagram Live, Pedro called Luis a “chapiador”. That’s DR slang for gold-digger. But it carries a little more meaning. Usually, the word thrown about is chapiadora and implies that it’s a person that targets someone no matter their age or looks, to get money.

The negative implication is they will go to any lengths to get what they want. Both coming from the Dominican Republic, Pedro knew that Luis would understand the insult. It seems pretty clear that Pedro was implying Luis Mendez married 90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins for the money (and possibly a green card too).

The Family Chantel stated often that they thought Pedro married Chantel Everett to be able to live in America. So, is Pedro like Luis? One big difference is that Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett are still married. You can look for them on the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

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