’90 Day Fiance’: Paul’s Parents Celebrate Milestone – Will He & Karine Ever Make It That Far?

90 Day Fiance‘s Edna Staehle and Ted Staehle (Paul Staehle‘s mom and dad) surpassed a major landmark recently. Meanwhile, will he and Karine Martins follow in their footsteps?

90 Day Fiance: Ted Staehle & Edna Staehle Reach Significant Landmark

Paul Staehle’s parents hit a significant point in their marriage recently. The pair have been together 49 years. Paul Staehle’s marriage to Karine has been rocky at times. And, they’ve come close to calling it quits. Meanwhile, his parents certainly went through the ups and downs of marriage. And they found ways to make it work long-term.

Throwback pics of Paul Staehle’s mother and father show them when they were much younger. And, judging by the photo, it looks like it was taken around the holidays. You can see a tree with decorations in the background. Meanwhile, Edna Staehle has a smile on her face – as does her husband, Ted.

90 Day Fiance: Edna Staehle - Ted Staehle

90 Day Fiance: Edna Shows Paul Staehle Tough Love

One of the things 90 Day Fiance watchers remember Edna Staehle for most is the tough love she showed Paul on the most recent season of Happily Ever After. Paul moved from Brazil back to America. And even though he made the trek with Karine Martins and baby Pierre, he didn’t have anything lined up when he arrived as far as a job or housing.

Meanwhile, Edna Staehle had none of it from her 90 Day Fiance son. She told him he would have to get his act together quickly once he landed in America with his TLC family. And many viewers appreciated the way Edna Staehle handled her son. In addition, with 49 years of marriage to Paul Staehle’s father under her belt, Paul and Karine could learn a thing or two from them about maintaining a successful marriage for the long haul.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle - Karine Martins - Happily Ever After

Can Karine Martins & Her Husband Follow in His Parents’ Footsteps?

Paul’s parents certainly set a good example when it comes to longevity in a marriage. And, it’s possible he took notes after everything he went through recently with Karine Martins. Split chatter follows the couple regularly. And recently, it seemed like they might call it quits for good.

Paul Staehle ended up back in Brazil. Meanwhile, his 90 Day Fiance wife, Karine Martins, was in America with their son, Pierre. Where they live as a family has been a major sticking point from the beginning for the pair. And it’s something Karine and her hubby fight about often. The pair got into a big argument recently. And the cops were called. At the time, it looked like they might finally throw in the towel for good.

Following that, Soap Dirt broke the news that the 90 Day Fiance pair reunited in America. And, it looks like they’re giving their marriage another go. SD also reported on baby number two on the way for Karine Martins and her husband. Paul revealed recently that they’re expecting another boy. And that they plan to name him Ethan.

It’s likely the baby on the way influenced Karine Martins’ decision to give their relationship another try with her husband. And, with his parents celebrating 49 years together, that may have been a factor as well. Certainly, the TLC pair have a successful marriage blueprint to follow.

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