’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Goes Nuts Over Karine’s Criminal Antics – Pierre in Danger

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal Paul Staehle goes crazy as Karine Martins breaks the law on Happily Ever After. The couple return for the brand new season of HEA. But, based on new info, it’s not all sunshine and roses for this pair. As they relocate from Brazil to the US, there’s plenty of drama between germaphobe Paul and irritated new mom Karine.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins Commits a Crime – Paul Staehle Loses It

Happily Ever After spoilers show Karine Martins breaking the law on the upcoming TLC spinoff.  Karine is in America with her husband, Paul Staehle. And, it looks like she’s clueless about local laws when it comes to child safety. After she breaks a big one, Paul Staehle flips out.

On 90 Day Fiance, watch as Karine Martins takes son Pierre Staehle out of his car seat in a moving vehicle. Then, Paul snaps. He bites back at Karine, telling her she’s “breaking the law.” Then, he yells at his wife to put their son back securely in his seat on Happily Ever After.

90 Day Fiance fans may remember Kalani Faagata in a Cheetoh-fueled rage at Asuelu Pulaa for the same reason. Back then, Asuelu took little Oliver out of his car seat while Kalani drove. And, she tore into him. Now, Paul Staehle does the same with Karine Martins, minus the cheesy snack dust.

Happily Ever After: The Many Meltdowns of Paranoid Paul

Paul Staehle tends to freak out when life overwhelms him. And, based on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spoilers, it looks like that happens again after Karine Martins takes their son out of his car seat. But that’s not all.

In previews, Paul says he hopes things go well but then admits it can go “terribly wrong.” And, if clips are anything to go by, it looks like they’re more wrong than right. Because 90 Day Fiance’s Paul’s tantrum lasts even longer than the car ride.

He screams at Karine about Pierre not being “in the fu**ing car seat.” Then, Paul Staehle runs out of the car when they arrive. Meanwhile, Karine Martins seemingly masters putting her husband on “ignore” as she pays no attention to his temper fit on 90 Day Fiance HEA. Even his mother, Edna Staehle, told her son to “shut up and turn around”. Go Edna. Go Karine.

House Hunting Drama on 90 Day Fiance

You may know Karine Martins and hubby Paul Staehle relocated to America awhile back. But, this season of Happily Ever After filmed awhle back and chronicled their move to Kentucky. Them adjusting to the move is something to watch. Meanwhile, we’ll see that Karine Martins isn’t familiar with customs and laws in the United States yet.

Also, one of their main concerns after landing in the US is finding suitable housing. And, it seems Karine isn’t happy with the options Paul puts on the table. Paul Staehle doesn’t have the biggest budget. In fact, he’s broke. So, finding a place isn’t easy. 90 Day Fiance HEA spoilers show Paul finds a trailer. But, Karine isn’t happy with it.

The trailer looks rundown and junky on Happily Ever After. At the least, it’s an extreme fixer-upper. But living in the US can be pricey. Still, this may not be the American Dream Karine had in mind when she married Paul.

Watch for plenty of heated arguments on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff. And, they both threaten divorce regularly as things escalate. No doubt, it’s worth seeing Karine Martins bicker and brawl with Paul Staehle as they carve out on a new life in his home state.

Catch the new season of Happily Ever After, Sunday, June 14 only on TLC.

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