’90 Day Fiance’: Paul and Karine Reunite – Reveal New Baby’s Name

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle and his wife, Karine Martins, seem to be giving their marriage another shot.  Paul recently shared a song about their relationship, and it reveals their new baby’s name. Continue reading to find out if the TLC couple is expecting a baby girl or boy.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle Heads Back to Brazil

Last month, Paul Staehle left Kentucky and went back to Brazil. However, Karine Martins didn’t go back with him. The 90 Day Fiance cast member said he was getting their apartment ready for Karine and their son to live in. While Paul was living in the states with Karine, their apartment in Brazil was vandalized. So, he had to replace the stolen items and made some home improvements to their apartment before Karine and their son’s arrival.

While in Brazil, the 90 Day Fiance reality star was living like a local. The locals gave Paul Staehle a warm welcome and were very nice to him. He said that many people recognized him from being on the TLC show. He even had people try to speak English to him. Not being able to speak Portuguese to the locals made Paul regret not learning the language. But, he did say that he can understand it and read it. However, he finds it difficult to speak it.

90 Day Fiance: Karine Martins - Pierre Staehle - Paul Staehle

Paul Reunites with Karine Martins – Are They Back Together?

Paul Staehle has been reunited with Karine Martins. The 90 Day Fiance alum recently shared a picture of Karine’s new hairstyle. In the photo, Karine was rocking a brown and blue balayage look. A look that she has done in the past. Seeing Paul share a picture of his wife had fans wondering if they are back together. It does look like Karine and Paul could be working on the problems in their marriage again. Paul did say that he regretted making his marital issues public.

The 90 Day Fiance couple has had many ups and downs in their relationship. In the beginning, Paul Staehle had a hard time trusting Karine Martins, which made them fight a lot. But, when Karine got pregnant, they put their issues in the past. But, once Karine moved to America, she and Paul continued to fight. The two currently have legal matters pending back in America over a dispute that took place between the two a couple of months ago.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance Celeb Reveals Baby #2’s Name

Paul Staehle released a song that talks about his relationship with Karine Martins. In the song, he said that “people break up and make up all the time.” The TLC pair have had their fair share of breaking up and getting back together. But, it now seems like they are making up once again. Paul said that he is “so happy” to be with Karine and is glad they are “fixing things up” between them.

The 90 Day Fiance castmate also confirmed that he and Karine Martins are expecting their second child together. Paul Staehle and Karine are having another baby boy. And, they already have a name for their newest addition to the family. In one part of the song, Paul revealed that their second son’s name is Ethan. In the song, he said that they got their son Pierre and that their son “Ethan’s on the way.”

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