’90 Day Fiance’: Paola Calls Mommy Shamers Hypocrites Over Russ’ Booze Pic With Baby Axel

90 Day Fiance alum Paola Mayfield (Russ Mayfield‘s wife) is not letting haters criticize her parenting skills. Paola is calling out those who scrutinize her for having a good time while taking care of her seven-month-old son Axel. Paola has been the subject of mom-shaming comments ever since she shared her pregnancy last year. But now, she is standing up for herself after her husband appeared to be off the hook quite easy for the same action.

90 Day Fiance: Russ Mayfield Enjoys Boys Day With Baby Axel – Paola Mayfield Not Happy

Looks like Paola Mayfield is not so impressed with Russ Mayfield’s idea of a boys’ day out. The 90 Day Fiance star called out her husband for having a booze session while caring for their baby Axel. In an Instagram post, Russ shared a fun moment with Axel during a recent outing.

The 90 Day Fiance father and son duo enjoyed the weekends with mama Paola nowhere in sight. In the snap, Russ Mayfield was holding a glass of beer while carrying baby Axel. Russ appeared to have a good time as his son rests on his chest in a baby carrier.

However, the seemingly innocent photo seemed to set Paola Mayfield off. Russ’ wife made a post where she appears to be upset that nobody is slamming her 90 Day Fiance husband for having a beer.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield - Russ Mayfield


Paola Hits Back At Haters – Calls Them Hypocrite

In response to Russ Mayfield’s post, Paola Mayfield fired back at those who criticize her for drinking, calling them hypocrites. The 90 Day Fiance celebrity implied she’s been getting unfair judgments by doing something her husband also does. She pointed out that people seemed okay when Russ drinks beer while taking care of baby Axel but it’s a completely different reaction when she’s the one doing it. The main difference Paola doesn’t mention is that she is still breast feeding baby Axel, and that is what some fans take issue with.

“People are so hypocritical nowadays,” Paola Mayfield wrote. “Russ drinking beer while taking care of Axel and nobody says anything but if a MOTHER does it all these internet mom shaming biotches start talking s*** about it!”.


90 Day Fiance Fans Accuse Paola Of Drinking While Still Breastfeeding

As expected, people have mixed opinions about Paola Mayfield’s comment about Russ Mayfield and mom-shaming in general. Some fans of 90 Day Fiance goes off at Paola for acting like drinking booze shouldn’t be a big deal even if you’re already a parent.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly pointed out that Paola seemed to enjoy drinking even after welcoming baby Axel. Recently, Russ Mayfield’s spouse posted a photo of herself savoring what looked like a glass of margarita. Apparently, it didn’t sit well with some of her followers, especially to fellow mothers.

Given that Paola Mayfield is actively promoting breastfeeding, seeing her drinking alcohol appears inappropriate to some 90 Day Fiance followers. The CDC says that a single drink a day and then waiting at least two hours before breast feeding is not known to be harmful to babies. Some think the safest thing to do is just not drink at all.

Paolo Not Affected By Hateful Comments About Her Parenting

Interestingly, Paolo Mayfield doesn’t seem to be affected by the negativity about her parenting. The 90 Day Fiance celeb maintained that she’s doing her best to ignore the bad comments.

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