’90 Day Fiance’: Paola Mayfield Weight-Loss | Dramatic Before-After Pics – Guess How Many Pounds Lost?

90 Day Fiance‘s Paola Mayfield, wife of Russ Mayfield, totally transformed her body in just six months. Fans have seen her social posts and progress, but do you know the hard numbers behind her weight loss? Because, Paola has dropped some major pounds going the slow and steady route. Take a look at her progress and see the double digit number of how many pounds she shed in the end.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield Loses Weight –  The Safe and Healthy Way

Not only did Paola Mayfield trim down and tone up, but she did it over time. Paola said it involved “no crazy diets” as she dropped about seven pounds a month over her weight loos journey. The 90 Day Fiance mom of one also said she kept eating burgers the entire time.

Also, Paola Mayfield said she enjoyed “every step” which is unusual given her impressive results. It’s hard to imagine going from her before to her after without the 90 Day Fiance star going hungry or feeling he sacrifice. Yet, that’s what she said recently as Paola shared her end results.

Despite the transformation taking six months, Paola Mayfield’s before and after pics are spaced 11 months apart. You can see the before and after photos below from the 90 Day Fiance cast member’s weight loss. They are from one month after she gave birth to Axel Mayfield and then one year after.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield

Weight Loss Inspired Life Change for Russ’ Wife

Not only is the 90 Day Fiance mom of Axel changing her life, but also offers to change other’s lives too. Because, it’s clear that Paola Mayfield’s showing off her results as part of her new business venture. Paola’s offering one on one fitness coaching as part of her new business.

It seems 90 Day Fiance Colombian Paola Mayfield is taking this seriously as she’s gotten certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. And, if you’ve got an extra $300 to spare, she’ll coach you in her methods to get fit. If you don’t have three Benjamins lying around, you can get a bargain option at $50.

But the cheaper options she offers as part of her Super Pao Fit program don’t include face-time with the 90 Day Fiance alumnus. The upside is that Paola has done the hard work and dropped some serious weight. So, her system works – at least for her. So, how much weight has she lost? Check out Paola’s after photos below and the magic number she achieved.

90 Day Fiance: Paola Mayfield

How Much Weight Did Paola Mayfield Lose? 90 Day Fiance Star Shares Bottom Line Numbers

You can see from the before and after photos above that Paola Mayfield’s much thinner. However, some of her starting weight was baby weight since her before pic was taken just a few weeks after giving birth to now-one-year-old Axel. But as most moms know, losing baby weight can be very difficult.

So, how many pounds did Paola Mayfield drop? The answer is a whopping 39 pounds. That’s pretty impressive. Especially when you consider how many 90 Day Fiance ex-cast members are promoting “weight loss” tea and other programs while not shedding any weight (at least as far as we can see).

Paola said it took her six months to drop all the weight and she also put on quite a bit of muscle as you can see. Congrats to Paola Mayfield on taking her body down almost 40 pounds and getting in such amazing shape. That’s a challenge – particularly while taking care of a little baby.

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