’90 Day Fiance’: Deputy Spills on Olivia Hopkins Arrest & Sentence Molly’s Daughter Faces

90 Day Fiance alum Molly Hopkins had daughter Olivia Hopkins arrested, and Soap Dirt consulted a local Deputy Sheriff for an expert opinion on the facts of this case, the accusations, and the likely outcome. Molly accused Olivia of hitting her during an argument in October 2020. Here’s what an expert says about the case.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins 911 Call and Arrest

Soap Dirt consulted with a deputy from a nearby county who often handles cases like this 90 Day Fiance incident with Molly Hopkins and Olivia Hopkins. Here’s what the law enforcement had to say to our questions on the case.

Soap Dirt: Do you handle calls like this often?

Deputy: Yes, we get calls like this pretty frequently. Looking at the arrest report, I see that when the deputy arrived, he noted Olivia Hopkins was yelling and cursing. When people are volatile when we arrive at a 911 call, this makes everything difficult and harder to de-escalate the situation.

SD: Is it common to separate people like the answering officer did with 90 Day Fiance‘s Molly Hopkins and upset Olivia Hopkins?

Deputy: Yes. That’s key. We can’t sort out what happened and get each person’s version when they’re antagonizing each other, as it sounds like Oliva and her mother Molly were doing. The basic facts of the altercation align. Both agree Olivia showed up unexpectedly at Molly’s house. And both 90 Day Fiance ex-cast members agree they bickered over a pair of boots.

SD: How hard is it to sort out who the instigator is? On domestic calls, how do you tell who to arrest?

Deputy: It isn’t easy sometimes. We use our senses at the scene. We consider what we see, hear, and smell. And we also get statements from the involved parties and any witnesses who may be there. Then, we apply the law to the situation to see if any crimes have been committed.

90 Day Fiance: Olivia Hopkins

Olivia Hopkins Identified as Primary Aggressor

Soap Dirt: So take me through the arrest report. Is this pretty typical for situations like this one with the 90 Day Fiance mother and daughter?

Deputy: No call is “typical.” But when we see evidence of an act of family violence, we try to identify the primary aggressor. Then, we make an arrest.

SD: What is the first thing an officer does when they arrive on the scene?

Deputy: They take control of the situation and separate the parties if necessary. According to the deputy’s report, he tried to do that, but Olivia continued to make a fuss from another room.

SD: And once the deputy has talked to both parties, what’s next in this 90 Day Fiance scenario?

Deputy: He considers if a law was broken. In this case, Molly and Olivia allege they were punched. He has to see if there’s evidence for either claim. That can be from witness statements. And Molly Hopkins’ friend sided with her. It can also be physical evidence, such as the mark on Molly’s forehead. From the report, it appears there’s no evidence to support Olivia’s claim her mother hit her. But there was to support Molly’s claim.

SD: How do you decide what to charge someone with – how do they know which 90 Day Fiance star to arrest?

Deputy: That comes from knowing the law and how to apply it. In this case, there’s intentional physical contact and red marks from it. So, they assessed it as a Simple Battery. That covers physical contact of an “insulting or provoking nature.” So, that’s the charge against Olivia Hopkins. This does not rise to the level of Battery. For that charge, they need a more serious injury. Like if Molly Hopkins had a black eye.

TLC Molly Hopkins

90 Day Fiance Star Charged with Breaching Family Violence Act Against Mom Molly

Soap Dirt: What exactly is the Family Violence Act they reference in this 90 Day Fiance arrest?

Deputy: It’s a law that protects family members from violence from other family members. Back when I started in law enforcement, the law couldn’t get involved in family disputes, but things changed over the years.

SD: What relationships are involved in Family Violence?

Deputy: Parents of the same child, parents, and children (even when they are grown), stepparents and stepchildren, foster parents and foster children, and any other persons who live or have ever lived in the same house. In this case, because Molly Hopkins and Olivia are mother and daughter, they fall under the Family Violence Act.

SD: What types of crimes are considered family violence?

Deputy: Any felony can be charged as family violence if the parties fall under the Act. Beyond that, it’s limited to Simple Battery, Battery, Simple Assault, Assault, Stalking, Criminal Damage to Property, Unlawful Restraint, and Criminal Trespass.

Molly Hopkins and daughter

What Punishment Does Olivia Face in Court?

SD: Can you tell me the potential penalty Olivia Hopkins of 90 Day Fiance may be facing?

Deputy: Simple Battery under the Family Violence Act is considered a “high and aggravated” misdemeanor. Punishment can be confinement up to 12 months and a fine of up to $5000.

SD: Could the deputy have just sent Olivia on her way and not arrested her at Molly Hopkins’ place?

Deputy: Each department has its own policies, but under the code section for family violence, they must identify the primary aggressor. And if there is probable cause to make an arrest, the deputy should do so.

SD: So in a nutshell, the deputy responded, separated them, interviewed Molly and Olivia, and the witness, and from there decided that he had probable cause for an arrest?

Deputy: That seems to be correct from his report. He took statements and photos to support his case and ultimately made an arrest of Olivia Hopkins for Simple Battery under the Family Violence Act.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins - Olivia Hopkins

90 Day Fiance star Olivia Hopkins Faces Potential Legal Troubles

SD: What will the upcoming legal hearings consist of for Olivia Hopkins?

Deputy: Olivia has already been to her First Appearance. They set bond, including terms she must meet. That goes along with a bond amount. Now, she cannot go back to her mother, Molly Hopkins’ house, or have any contact with her mother directly or indirectly. If she breaks the terms, she risks having her bond revoked. And they could add a Stalking charge.

SD: And what about the next hearing after 90 Day Fiance star’s First Appearance? What happens there?

Deputy: In most cases, a judge arraigns the person arrested at a hearing. It’s often months after the arrest. That is where the accused pleads guilty or not. If they plead not guilty, the case heads toward trial. If they plead guilty, the judge can sentence them on the spot. Or they may schedule a hearing for a future date to set the sentence.

SD: Do cases like this 90 Day Fiance one with Olivia Hopkins actually go to trial very often?

Deputy: I’m sure some do. But in my experience, most cases like this, involving family, play out in two ways. They often get dropped because the victim decides not to pursue it. Or the DA might arrange a plea deal.

90 Day Fiance Family Fight to Play Out in Court

As of this writing, Molly Hopkins of 90 Day Fiance still has not dropped the charges against daughter Olivia Hopkins, who remains out on bond with special conditions of no contact with her mother, Molly Hopkins, and no return to her mother’s home. Olivia’s attorney asked the court to lift her bond’s special conditions so Olivia can go back to her mother’s house.

Olivia’s barred from any contact with Molly Hopkins. If she goes to Molly’s home or work, her bond can be revoked. That means she’d be back in jail. And Olivia Hopkins might face another charge. According to our deputy consultant, these conditions are fairly standard in family violence cases. We will continue to follow this case as it proceeds through the legal process.

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