’90 Day Fiance’: No Bedroom Time for Jihoon Lee and Deavan – What’s the Reason on ‘The Other Way’?

90 Day Fiance‘s Jihoon Lee isn’t getting any “bedroom” time alone with spouse Deavan Clegg on The Other Way. But, it might not be for the reason that some 90 Day Fiance fans think. It turns out Deavan’s daughter Drascilla sleeps with her in the same bed. Some TLC fans have criticized Deavan’s parenting online. And, it seems some of her parenting choices confuse Jihoon Lee as well.

No Alone Time for Jihoon Lee and his 90 Day Fiance

Jihoon Lee and his family make the trip to see Deavan Clegg. The purpose of the trip is to see whether or not the young mom is a good match for their son. She is all over the place as she tries to make a good impression on her future in-laws. After Jihoon Lee arrives, he looks forward to getting some alone time with his American lover. But, his hopes crash and burn when Deavan Clegg reveals the sleeping arrangement on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

It turns out daughter Drascilla rests with her mother. The look on Jihoon Lee’s face is priceless as he tries to comprehend what she tells him. Any hope of sexy time goes down the drain and it’s a comical scene to watch as a 90 Day Fiance fan. In addition, she reveals she slept in the same bed as her parents until she was seven.


Followers Critical of Deavan Clegg’s Parenting

Since the most recent episode, Deavan Clegg has become a target for 90 Day Fiance viewers online. TLC watchers saw the way Drascilla ran around with her mother in tears. In addition, many don’t agree with her child sleeping in the same bed as she and Jihoon Lee.

But, it doesn’t look like it’s all bad for Deavan Clegg. Other users online rally around her and support her choices. In a recent interview, Deavan talked about other 90 Day Fiance cast members reaching out to her and giving her advice. Jihoon Lee and American love Deavan Clegg were only recently introduced to viewers. And, in a relatively short time she has a fair number of haters and supporters on both sides.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way: Jihoon, Drascilla, and Deavan Now

Deavan Clegg worried about making a good impression on Jihoon’s parents when they came to Las Vegas to visit. Even though things got off to a rocky start, it looks like things are better for all now. The pair are already married and the American woman gave birth to their child. TLC fans will have to wait until the season wraps to get a peek due to contract reasons.

Deavan Clegg also fired back at watchers accusing her of doctoring her photos with the use of excessive filters. She posted a selfie with the caption: “No filter, no angle tricks, just me being me, since everyone is so obsessed about it”. Overall, she seems to be taking things in stride. Meanwhile, despite her critics, it looks like Deavan, Jihoon, and Drascilla are doing well.

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