’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Reveals Life-Changing Love and It’s Not Azan Tefou

90 Day Fiance veteran Nicole Nafziger revealed a love in her life that changed her for the better — and no, it’s not Azan Tefou. The TLC celeb seemed sentimental as she revealed what helped her come out of her shell. Find out what exactly turned her into a better version of herself below.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Gets Candid About Life As A Barista

Looks like Nicole Nafziger is more than grateful for being able to work at a world-famous coffee place. The 90 Day Fiance alum opened up about her life-changing experience as a barista in Starbucks. Azan Tefou’s long-time fiancee did not shy away from showing her gratitude not only for her job but for the company that trusted her as well.

In a lengthy appreciation post, Nicole revealed how working at the big coffee shop chain helped her become the person she is today. The reality star claimed being a barista is more than just a mere job for her. She insisted that going to work has always been the highlight of her day.

Nicole Nafziger added that she’s looking forward to meeting new people each day. She particularly enjoys seeing her fans who take the time and effort to visit her at work. The mother of one has been working on and off as a barista even before her 90 Day Fiance stint.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

Is Nicole Quitting Her Job?

It seems Nicole Nafziger has nothing but good words to say about her employer. The 90 Day Fiance celeb credited Starbucks for giving her valuable experiences, which molded her personality. Azan Tefou’s girlfriend also reiterated that the shop will always have a special place in her heart no matter what.

Nicole Nafziger’s sentiment about her career and workplace sparked speculations that she’s about to quit soon. Apparently, many are convinced that her post sounded like she’s about to hang her apron and resign. Her cryptic hashtags also intensified speculations even more. So far, Nicole Nafziger has yet to confirm her future plans career-wise.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - Azan Tefou

90 Day Fiance Fans Mock TLC Star’s Starbucks Post

Meanwhile, Nicole Nafziger’s post was also met with mockery online. Apparently, some 90 Day Fiance trolls joked that Nicole should open a Starbucks branch in Morrocco. Others quipped that it’ll be a more profitable business than Azan Tefou’s beauty shop. Previously, the couple faced a major backlash after admitting that the supposed store was all made up.

Even Nicole’s fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member Jon Walters chimed in on her post. He suggested that the company should make Nicole Nafziger a brand ambassador. So is Nicole Nafziger merely showing some love for her job and employer? Or is she hinting at a possible resignation?

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