’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Claims Azan’s ‘55% Attraction’ to Her Was Just a ‘Misconception’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Nicole Nafziger gives her side on Azan Tefou‘s attraction level to her. Her fiance, Azan, instantly became a laughing stock after declaring that he’s not fully attracted to her despite their engagement. He said he was attracted to her, “but just like 55%.”

Nicole Nafziger is finally defending Azan Tefou, calling his iconic line a mere “misconception”. The 90 Day Fiance celeb also expressed her desire of having children with her long-time fiance in the near future.

Will the 90 Day Fiance couple be able to tie the knot and live happily ever after? Or will they be forever stuck at being engaged?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Nicole Nafziger Says Azan Tefou Is Totally Into Her

Earlier this week, Nicole Nafziger took to Instagram and answered some intriguing questions from fans. The 90 Day Fiance star did not hold back in addressing controversial issues involving her and Azan Tefou.

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Nicole particularly talked about Azan’s infamous confession that his attraction level to her is just “55%”. In response to a 90 Day Fiance fan question, she clarified that the idea is the number one misconception about their relationship.

Nicole Says Azan’s Memorable Line Is Just A Misconception – Claims They’ve Been Intimate Before

The 90 Day Fiance celeb claims that Azan Tefou’s memorable remark is just part of the “drama”. Nicole Nafziger reiterates that her fiance is in fact 100% into her.

“Azan isn’t 55% attracted to me,” Nicole explained. “He’s fully attracted to me. Sometimes you just need to add drama in places there isn’t”.

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In addition, Nicole revealed that Azan is more romantic to her in real life, contrary to what viewers see on 90 Day Fiance. She even admitted that they have been “intimate” in the past.

“We act more of our true selves,” she noted. “When we film in Morocco, he’s always on edge.”

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Hopes To Grow Family With Azan

It also seems like Nicole Nafziger is eager to start a family with Azan Tefou soon. The 90 Day Fiance star opens up about their plans of having children when the right time comes.

In the same Q&A session, the reality star revealed that they both hope to grow their family and live together in the U.S. Nicole added that the two already decided about giving their children a mix of American and Moroccan names. She also noted that they agreed to teach them with “both religions”.

He’s a “loving and caring man,” Nicole gushed. “He’s a kind-hearted person who is very family-oriented. I love everything about him.”

Nicole Thinks Azan Will Be  A Good Father

By the looks of it, Nicole Nafziger is confident that Azan Tefou will be a good father not only to their future children but to her daughter May as well. The 90 Day Fiance celeb has always been very open about her daughter’s relationship with her fiance despite some people criticizing it.

In fact, she seems proud and happy that May calls Azan her “daddy.” She adds that the two have a father-daughter-like relationship despite not being together in person for a long time.

“They get along so well,” she revealed. “Azan loves her like she was his own daughter. He wants the best in life for her.”

Follow Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou’s love story in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After premieres April 28.

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